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Slovan beat newcomer Pohronie in the first round. He won the victory

One match will not make up for a big failure.

BRATISLAVA. Slovan football players enter the new Fortuna league with a 3: 1 victory at FK Pohronie Žiar nad Hronom Dolná Ždaňa. However, they did not persuade them anymore.

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Newcomers to the top soccer contest are worried about the end of the match. In the 85th minute, Slavia only won one goal. And they are worried about the results.

The team that has a budget of seven hundred thousand euros, which is the annual salary of Slovan Andraž Šporar.

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The Slovenian striker scored two goals, one of which was a penalty. A few days ago, his eleven kick thrown on penalties against FK Sutjeska Nikšić meant that Slav came out of the first round of the Champions League.

"We experienced difficulties for three days. It's not easy for us or fans. Victory against Pohronia is inevitable, "I'm Sporar after the match.

Fans have the right to be angry

Slovan's temporary coach Vladimir Radenkovic made five changes to the composition of the players compared to Wednesday's explosion in the Montenegro championship.

Bajrić's Pillionman moves to the right of the defense, and Aben instead comes to the center. He joined the defensive midfielder after a long time by Nono.

"One failure in Montenegro will certainly not be abandoned. But victory will certainly help us, this is very important in psychological terms," ​​he told for Nono.

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"Thank you to the fans for coming to the match and encouraging us. We know they are angry, they have the right to do it," he added.

The fast moving Čavrič also moved to Šporar, who also helped with the goal, and right after the rule, Šporar turned it into a penalty. The talented Sagittarius doesn't hit the match anymore.

"After a failure in Montenegro, we were in a difficult situation. "It's very difficult to take a step forward and prepare the team for the match," Radenkovic said at a press conference.

Slovan gathered and panicked

He became a temporary head coach after Martin Level was dismissed. There are no real changes in playing the game. Slavs have played several times without being selfish and selfish.

"The match hours were better, but then a bad time came. We gathered and there was a bit of panic," Radenkovic said.


After the shot we began to believe more. And there is little self-discipline in the Slavs.


Milan Nemec, coach of FK Pohronie

After 85 minutes, Slovan entered from the left. Slovak champions, who are in the Slovenian, Bulgarian or Hungarian ranks, are worried about the results against the players, most of whom have no experience with the highest competition.

"After the shot, we began to believe more. And there is a lack of self-discipline at Slovan, "said Milan Nemec, Pohronia coach.

"Slovan in the league is not currently competing. However, we found that we could play with them. We have several opportunities, "added Patrik Abrahám, Pohronia's first scorer in the highest competition.

It is a good school for newcomers

Newcomers showed good performance. Again, it is shown that weaker teams can fight stronger by fighting and hearts.

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"It's a great school for us. "This is clearly twenty levels higher than what we used for last season in the second league," said Captain Pohronia Lukáš Pellegríni.

The team with the lowest budget in the Fortuna League has depreciated a lot before the start of the season. There are rumors that the league will only amount to.

"We can be proud of the first Fortuna League match. We have good parts to follow. I believe we can compare with other teams, "said the German coach.

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