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Scientists have created processes in the laboratory that created the "big bang" in the formation of the universe. by mistake

Around 14 billion years ago, this huge explosion should have created the universe. The exact conditions and causes of their origin have not yet been fully understood. But many scientists around the world have faced it for decades. A team from the University of Florida has now managed to inadvertently create conditions in a laboratory that should support the birth of the universe and allow a "big explosion" Futurism.

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Many scientists around the world describe the event behind the creation of the universe as a "big bang", an explosion that was so massive that it should have created the universe.

Some link this event to a giant supernova, a star that at the end of its life may have spent nuclear fuel or become a white dwarf. As a result, there will be a large explosion that emits most or all of the supernova material.

Incidentally has helped find an important phenomenon

However, it is still difficult for scientists to discover the current processes and causes of the universe, but many scientific theories and models can be helped to find scientists from the University of Central Florida. They are in their work, which they also describe in website universities and magazines science, they argue that they were able to create the conditions needed for the "big bang" to become billions of years ago.

All of these phenomena should have happened accidentally when scientists tested the method for hypersonic jet propulsion and during the test they managed to find an unusual phenomenon.

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They have discovered a mechanism by which passive flames (such as candles) can become very active and get to the point where they explode and become imaginary supernovas. Although scientists are still aware of the existence of this process, it is still unclear how flames can move from one state to another, creating explosions.

However, they managed to make a "small cod" that resembled the phenomenon of the universe. The flames in the laboratory conditions the team that used the 5 x 5 cm tube in this experiment turned into an energy flame and exploded, reported upside down. According to Kareem Ahmed, assistant professor, the explosion resembled very strong rifle fire.

A discovery that can also change the space and aerospace industry

Although this phenomenon is many times smaller than the Big Bang, scientists can use its original principle on a larger scale to better understand the origin of the universe. He hid many secrets that were not revealed from scientists.

However, this process can also be used in the aerospace industry, where hypersonic drivers for airplanes and space shuttles can be developed with this mechanism. With such thrust, scientists can also achieve significant success in discovering the universe around it.

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