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Russia has a problem: This is on the verge of an HIV epidemic

Russia and some post-Soviet countries threaten an uncontrolled HIV epidemic. The WHO World Health Organization, as well as the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ECDC, raises this issue.

Russia records around 2017 104,000 new cases people infected with HIV. The number of infected people becomes exceeding 1.2 million, which is far from the last digit. This disease spreads uncontrollably. Russian doctors don't have enough medicine for treatment.

The number of infected animals can increase significantly

Important information is that most new cases arise from heterosexual relationships, which indicate that the disease spreads outside the risk group. "Unless we strengthen countermeasures, the number of infected people can grow exponentially,"Said Masoud Dara, WHO expert.

Russian doctors must give advice without substance methadone, which reduces the potential for infection by syringes. Substance is banned in Russia. Other post-Soviet countries, where the number of infected animals has increased over the past 10 years, was also significantly affected almost 60%. Russia claims that the annexation of Crimea has contributed to the spread of the disease. In this region, after the Russian occupation in 2014, the number of viruses infected with HIV has increased dramatically.

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