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Elona Muska certainly does not require many of our regular readers to specifically represent. This is a visionary who changes the world. One of the most ambitious plans is to head to the Red Planet – Mars. For this purpose, he developed rockets Starship, with which he plans to start the first rigorous testing next year.

The latest from the Russian Research Center Keldysh Research Center there were words in the press report they said Their rockets are better than that. where Elon Musk works.

According to Russian researchers, their rockets will be able to reach Mars in about 7 months which is far less than Elon Muska. His missile must depart on the road in 2022 and arrive around 2024.

Although SpaceX is currently the most prominent player in space research, it doesn't have to be that way in the future. According to Koshlakov, director of the Russian Research Center, Elon Musk uses existing technology rather than working on new ones.

"Elon Musk uses existing technology that has been developed for a long time. He is a biznismen: he took the solution he was successfully applied …", said Koshlakov.

How do Russian-designed rockets work in practice, and how it works, you can watch the video below.

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