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Roman Luknár wants to bring his film to life: He carefully selects the people he works with

"People don't realize that what they are doing is just their film, and they themselves are directors. Mother, family, and everything in the film, in that life story, you will not change it, but you can easily occupy others when you object and get your mind … " he said in an interview. "Everyone is the director of the film, and depending on how much he has the character he wants, he will be happy and happy. I usually cut out those who bother me in my films, " said 54-year-old Bratislava.

By doing that, he carefully selects those he works with. When they offered him a role in the film, they always asked him what he said and told him who he would play, how many days the filmmaking was waiting for him, and how much money he got. But most of all, he cared about who to spend time with. "First of all, I always want to know who I will play with, it's important to me. When I knew it was a project where I would be twelve hours a day with someone who arrived late and then didn't know the lyrics, I didn't accept it. It is over, " said the actor. "I want to have peace, I don't need to be stressed and nervous in my life. After all, all diabetes and cancer is tension, so why not force it, " Luknár thought.

As a favorite actor admitted, the conversation about where he was and what he bought there was tiring too. "I'm not interested in speeches like that, so I'm not going anywhere … I've been in the city about five times in the last ten years. I don't think I'm more than that, I just want to calm down from conversations like that and people Slovaks look after them quite often … " He stated. "Maybe I'll come back to Spain one day, someone different from here. I still have my mother, but if I'm alone, I might go there, " He indicated.

The Spaniards, in his own words, impress many things. "I am always angry because I have to explain to them thousands of times where Czechoslovakia is, but they are much more relaxed and kinder than the Slovaks. When you ask a Slovak, what time it is, he sees you and runs away, when you ask someone in Spain, you end up slowly at home on his desk, there is a man, some is drier, there are dogs and cats and fifteen grandchildren and everyone they smile and ask where you are and how you are at home. Maybe it's because of the climate … With the fact that it's really hot there, people can't be locked up in barracks during the day, they're forced out on the street and they're still communicating there, they're used to it. Nobody was sitting there with a napkin on their heads that ‘I'm not here, don't ask anyone‘. As a result, they are much more relaxed than Slovakia and are not afraid of differences like ours. Nobody judges anyone, nobody sees anyone who ‘You're black, you smoke and don't have fun with it … the actor concluded.

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