Thursday , June 24 2021

Rhaper Rhaper was summoned by moderator Markzy. Television has moved many things to television lawyers

TV Markíza has decided to respond to vulgar expressions directed by Slovak poet, Patrik "Rytmus" Vrbovský. He openly laughed at the public after publishing photos from his Instagram profile on the web portal. Television lawyers are also involved in conflict.

Information about the involvement of TV lawyers brings Plus One Day every day. The Marquis decided to act after hacking on Instagram repeatedly mentioned the Teleráno moderators.

In the morning, television reports about the involvement of rape with presenter Jasmine Alagich. Input is used to view articles from TV web portals and only during this time Markíza managed to read.

A pair of photos are also attached to the article with an unclear description. Musicians often use vulgarism in their photos on Instagram's public profile. In this case, he presented it to reporters, who urged them to "steal" photos (saying "Don't steal my photo, you koko ** lamb").

While some of Rhythm's media have scolded obscene comments from photos, Markíza has grown by default by embedding content on his site through what is called "embed". The post was not modified and in the morning broadcast obscene vulgarism from the harvester's contribution appeared.

After admirers Adriana Poláková and Daro Richter saw vulgarism, they looked surprised, but they did not comment. Immediately after the entrance, he followed the news block.

The raper then responds to this situation from the Marquis broadcast, again on his Instagram. At the posts where the TV broadcasters caught, he angrily spoke at their address and laughed at them. He labeled them "shooters" and "buzerants".

A. Poláková was interested in everything and made light comments about this contribution. The public television profile on Instagram even gave him a special "heart". However, television leadership does not seem too busy and condemns this communication.

"TV Markíza is really far from Mr. Vrbovský's vulgar and aggressive manifestations, which he presents following the use of photos published on his public profile. The way we attack our moderators is inadequate and we are ready to take further legal action. Portal uses the material published on Mr Vrbovský's public profile is in accordance with the law, "the television said.

Rhythm Jasmina Alagich's fiance is currently the face of Marquis, who is currently appearing to act on the show. Your face is known to have been a superstar before. Singer Rytmus, who acted as evaluator and another project Voice of the Czech Republic, was in a singing competition.

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