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Ramsay's victory over France: In most matches it was a championship performance

yesterday 10:45 p.m.

Coach Craig Ramsay is pleased with the performance of his men and the results of the match with France at the World Championship in Kosice. Slovak hockey players improve their mood thanks to a 6: 3 victory and they believe they will have a smile on their lips even on Saturday against England.

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For the national team it was only the second victory in the tournament. In the middle of the match they have led 3: 0, but then gave the opponent room to reduce the single goal difference. Of course, the coach doesn't like that.

"Overall, we do a good job. We try to chase them, we work well with sticks and we play in their bands. But then we led 3-0 and suddenly we decided to do something else on the ice. When you play an action that might work, you have to chase your opponent. France used it, skated really well, and put a lot of pressure on our defense. "

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Ramsay spoke after a failed meeting with Germany (2: 3) that his men must learn to play as real champions. Friday's performance, in his words, was approaching.

"In most matches it is the championship's appearance, but not every time. Champions play at the beginning of the match just like in the middle or at the end I was kidnapped by the team again, but then we lost control of anything. We have style, we have a system, we have very good players. We have shown that we can play with every opponent, but we have to play simple. If we do it, we are very fast, strong in pieces, and everyone is difficult to play against us, " he said.


Slovak gave France six goals, three in a game of strength and one in weakness. So Canadian coaches can be satisfied with offensive, but there is still a lot to be improved. "We have to shoot more into the goal and push behind the peg. It's better to do what you always try to play. "

After the match, there was a good mood in the cabin, the players passed mixzon who finally smiled on their lips, but Ramsay was more in control. Friday's victory made him happy, but on Saturday there were other obstacles in the form of Great Britain.

"We must be happy and have a good mood. We didn't play a bad match in the tournament, but the results were bad and you wondered if players could get excited again. And they did it today. We all enjoy the fact that we have won, scored six goals and played our strength, but tomorrow we will have another job, " he added.



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