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Construction of a new soccer field began at Janigova Street, the seat of the KVP in Košice. The start of the construction was also attended by former Slovak football coach Ján Kozák (pictured) and other guests.

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Under the supervision of former coach Ján Kozák or FC coach Košice Miroslav Sovič symbolically began the construction of a playground with artificial grass in the elementary school area on Janigova Street in Košice.

Kozák welcomed the construction of the second artificial area in Košice and would be happy,
when it's always used by young players.

The Janigova Primary School in the KVP is the first of four,
the Slovak Football Union (SFZ) gradually realized. in August
2018 signed a lease agreement between the city and SFZ in November
rough landscape begins. After completion, the installation will follow
artificial grass.

The government will contribute to the construction of the second artificial grass in Košice
500,000 euros, another 150,000 added by SFZ. "I am very happy about this
project. In the past, I have seen four coaches in one course,
so the training process does not have the required quality. That's why I'm glad it will happen
in Košice other artificial grass. I will be the happiest at that time
used from morning to evening, "said Jan Kozak.

The construction of a new football field has begun ... "data-original ="

Development of new football
the playground began at Janigova Street, a KVP settlement in Košice. initiation
The construction was also attended by the former coach of the Slovak football team
Ján Kozák and other guests. Playground built on the old sports ground at
local school.
Author: TASR, Milan Kapusta

"I also experienced a similar situation at the beginning of my training career.
I also saw four young teams training in one playground.
That's why I want to see them grow up, "he said
Miroslav Sovič.

Playgrounds will be served not only by amateur footballers after reconstruction, but
to a wider sports audience or to elementary school students. Everything will happen
in particular, agreement with elementary school management.

"I believe that many children will give him exercise to progress not only
football, but overall sports. Kosici people really deserve it. Many people
rado soccer, so it's good that they will have another area where they get it
will be able to serve. Especially children really need this surface, "he said
Kozák, who after his recent resignation to the office of a representative coach from the SR
preparing for retirement positions.

"I still watch football, but it's more like a fan
events that happened, I need to clean my head. Recently
I play sports, I go golf every day, "Kozak said.


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