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PC Revue | O2 introduces new flat rates with large amounts of data for selected news servers and applications

Starting November 5, 2019, O2 offers a new O2 Smart package with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. In addition, from the Blue Flat tariff above, customers will be able to use additional flat rate data of 10 to 40 GB for certain applications.

The O2 operator presented their offer on Monday, November 4, with the O2 Smart Talks live event entitled Preparing for a digital future. Speakers like – Sajfa as online entertainment and content representative, blogger and publicist Jakub Goda as ambassador of the importance of news content on the Internet, rapper and musician Branči Kováč and star of the film and art industry Zdena Studenková.

The O2 Smart Package offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. In addition, they get large amounts of data for selected applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Waze, Viber and several others. With flat tariffs for Silver, Gold and Platinum, they can also choose what is called a premium application where they also receive a free subscription.

This includes multimedia services such as HBO GO, Tidal and Youtube. From the news server, only SME and Diary N are included, including Diary E.

O2 Smart Flat rate white

This includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS messages throughout the EU, the ability to buy any device at the start of € 0, or customers can buy one 1GB bundle of data for € 3 if needed.

Blue O2 Smart Package

The Blue O2 Smart package is designed for less demanding data users, including unlimited calls, SMS and MMS throughout the EU with a data volume of 1 GB. At the same time, customers receive an additional 10 GB of data for one selected application or a 60 EUR device bonus. If the customer does not use it, he gets 10 GB of other data for other standard applications.

Silver O2 Smart Package

In addition to unlimited calls and messages in the EU, the O2 silver Smart Package also includes 3 GB of flat rate data or 2×10 GB for two applications of the offer, one of which can be premium, including HBO GO, Tidal, O2 TV, N Journal or UKM Journal. In addition, customers can receive a 72 euro device purchase bonus or 10 GB of data for a standard application of their choice.

O2 Smart Flat Gold Rates

The Golden O2 Smart package is designed to meet the needs of demanding multimedia customers. In addition to unlimited calls and messages in the EU, this also includes 10 GB of flat-rate data and 3×10 GB of data for the 3 applications offered, one of which can be premium. Customers can also take advantage of bonus purchases of 120 euro devices or additional 10GB of data for standard or premium applications, including subscriptions.

O2 Smart Platinum Package

The O2 Smart Platinum package is designed for customers who don't want to deal with compromise, with all applications up to 65 GB of data, plus generous device bonuses and up to two premium services. So you can choose Diary N and SME directly. Without utilizing bonuses, customers will receive an additional 10 GB and premium applications, including subscriptions.

Increase the volume of basic data in O2 Smart Paušály

The data increase is the same for all O2 Smart flat rates, which are 1 GB with the price of 3 euros raised via SMS or My O2. If the customer activates the Datahit service, data that is not used will be transferred to the next period.

Data for the application

Customers get 10 GB of data for each selected application. This data is only used when customers use the application of their choice. Data for this application cannot be added. They can be used in European Union countries at no additional cost, as well as basic data volumes.

Device bonus

A device bonus is applied to the customer if he purchases a device at a flat rate with a monthly device payment service. If customers do not take advantage of this bonus, they will receive one additional application, and in addition to flat Gold and Platinum rates, it may be a Premium application including a subscription.

Subscribe to premium applications

Subscribing to the application means that the customer gets the same subscription as if he bought it from a service provider, but thanks to O2 Smart flat rate does not pay for it. The first activation must be done after selecting the application and confirming the order. This subscription applies to customers if the application is in position. After the application is deleted, your subscription will also be deactivated.

Customers can buy new flat rates starting tomorrow.

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