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Marian Kočner wants to get out of prison again: For freedom, he is willing to give one million euros

Koćner's complaint was once again decided by the judge for the preparatory procedure, Roman Púchovský, who refused all his requests, also did not receive a guarantee and did not save the supervision of the probation and mediation officers. The judge explained this by saying that the reason for Kočner's prosecution was still being demanded and even increasing.

Topky's requested resolution under the Freedom of Information Act shows that seven other witnesses were heard in the case of forgery of bill of lading. A witness from Germany must also be heard, but he is unable to work and "So the trial is not finished".

Euro Millions

An entrepreneur who was recently charged with another charge and who is being prosecuted and accused of a very serious criminal economic activity wants to go to bail. He was willing to pay millions of euros through his lawyers Michal Mandzak and Martin Pohoveja.

"He suggested that, in the case of detention reasons, the link would be replaced by the adoption of a money guarantee of EUR 1 million, which would be based on the defendants, and suggested that the court issue a measure of the amount of guarantee money enough to replace the detention, The appeal calls for a continuation of criminal activity to limit movement, status and property, " said resolution.

Judge Roman Púchovský finally decided that Marian Kočner remained in custody. A controversial businessman in Leopoldov prison, where he was taken to the Judicial Palace in Bratislava. He was accused of blaming the bill.

Kočner was also involved in the murder of journalist Ján Kuciak. One of the defendants, Zoltán Andruskó, should deny that Koćner should have ordered the murder of Alena Szuszová. He was also accused of Kuciak murder. He should have a love relationship with Kočner and he should be the father of his daughter.

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