MAC Budapest – MHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas


In today's game, the midfielder has decided that the home team has scored 5 goals in their opponents and decided to win in the battle against the table today. Budapest today Liptovský Mikuláš deserves to be beaten. This is from today for me, thank you for your attention.


It's possible that the current duel will only play. None of the total has gone too far before.


Ughika gently pulled Nagy, so the attack was a rough host.


The defense duo just left. Burn the footage of Fejes, but another named can not overcome Kislitsyna.


This time the hosts exchanged roles with the difference that Tomas Klemp didn't score in almost the same action. However, a very good intervention from Anton Kislitsyn must be highlighted.


Budapest gives a goal!
PURPOSE OF SPRING JARED BROWN. The visitors' goal did not maximize his shot, and in the end, the last player was left alone. Assistant: Tomas Klemp, Keegan Dansereau.


Heikkila had an extraordinary opportunity, which he had criticized embarrassingly.


The match rate is getting lower, and therefore the number of dangerous situations is much lower.


Heikkila is already on the ice, so Liptovský Mikuláš is able to defend himself in heavy losses.


The end of Dudas only ended in the attentive Kislitsyn.


Exceptions in MHK 32 team Liptovský Mikuláš (Heikillä – 2 min., Illegal goalkeeper).


The last third speed was far weaker than the previous two.


Friday was fired from behind the defender, but Rajna caught twice. Follow will throw to the right.


The home team returned to full swing when the hosts were unable to produce anything more serious.


The Liptans don't play an ideal match today, which confirms the fact that they don't and don't settle in one third of their opponents.


Exceptions in MAC Budapešť (Nagy – 2 minutes, kick-off).


Budapest's MAC is a little under pressure, but still spends a lot of time in the opposing band.


The home team can improve their superiority again, but Kislitsyn has no other goals.


Substitution in MHK 32 team Liptovský Mikuláš: Krislitsyn leaves the Holly field.


The third third starts.

In the middle third of the house, their opponents were completely destroyed, so they had to go to the final third of Liptács more than going into conscience so as not to be a double insult.


The second third ends.


After Heikkil's fine pass, he reached the end of Friday, but could not overcome Rayna in the immediate vicinity.


The next goal is not yet. Nicholas is full.


The Budapester did not leave their opponents really excited when the entire presidential match spent a third of their opponents.


Exceptions in the MHK 32 team Liptovský Mikuláš (Nádašdi – 2 min., Hooking).


Budapest gives a goal!
The goal was to print KRISTIAN NAGY, where the Bodá skating rink was. As a result, Nagy is not much related to inserting the pieces into empty destinations. Assistant: Christopher Bodó, Scott Macaulay


Guests are now grown up with towels and definitely can't wait for the horn to rest.


Budapest gives a goal!
OBJECTIVES OF THE SEGAN DANSEREAU TAPE. The Hungarian team made use of the huge doubts in the game. Thanks to this, Dansereau can make the leap he can use. Assistant: Brúnó Kreisz, Jesse Ray Dudás.


Juraj Hollý gets a mask, and the game is interrupted.


Budapest gives a goal!
ISTVÁN CLEAR took a shot from the left that landed dangerously on the side of the goal, but the ball went wide Assistant: Mátyás Odnoga, Tamás Pozsgai.


Budapest gives a goal!
The goal was scored by KRISTIAN NAGY, who was sent off by a random chip and sent one more to two goals. Assistant: Cameron Burt, Christopher Bodó.


Juraj Hollý took another action when he took the final Krisztian Naga.


After the second goal was shot, guests were more active.


Coming to the right, Marko Uram was able to make a clear pass to ride on the side of the field, the shooting ended only on Rayna's body.


Terbócs got Terbócs to the end, but he did not find a recipe for a substitute goalkeeper.


Liptovský Mikuláš scored!
TARGETS printed by OKO PATRIK. He benefited from the Pozsgaia mistake and then used a separate attack on Rayna.


Christopher Bodó did hetrik, but new goalkeeper Holly was still fighting.


Substitution in MHK 32 team Liptovský Mikuláš: Kislitsyn left the field, Holly came.


Budapest gives a goal!
The goal was to print CHRISTOPHER BODÓ, which, after heavy rains, fired everything that blocked his path. Assistant: Krisztian Nagy, Jesse Ray Dudas.


Števuliak was near the end, but he did not even back twice for Rajn's back.


The second third begins.

The first third was clearly the home of the home side, but Lipták managed to reduce anything, so the first difference was only one shot. Don't go anywhere, because in the coming years we have something to look forward to.

8:00 p.m.

The first third ended.


Dansereau tried it from a very big angle, but Kislitsyna was not surprised.


The left now holds the pieces behind their own high-pitched goals.


The goal of the shot was blown away. This was confirmed by increased activity in their attack zone.


Liptovský Mikuláš scored!
PURPOSE of shooting MAREK URAM. There is a good group of blows, which the attacker must visit after returning from his original goalkeeper. Help: Alex Tamasi, Filip Mezovsky.


In Budapest, they were more successful at home, and so blamed torturing dangers.

2:50 p.m.

From the blue he tried German, but his projectile did not find a triple room jerked.


Budapester continues to press and does not want their rivals to escape under pressure.


Liptovský Mikuláš wakes up after the winning goal and spends more time in the opponent's zone.


The Heikkila arrived at the unpleasant end. Rajna didn't know where the chip was, but she managed to complete the whole situation very well.


After a long time they also threatened the guests, namely Vyleril, but he did not get much water.


Budapest gives a goal!
Goals printed by CHRSTOPHER BODÓ did not give Kislitsyn any action. Help: Tamás Pozsgai, Cameron Burt.

7:01 a.m.

Exceptions in MHK 32 team Liptovský Mikuláš (Mezovsky – 2 min., Crossword).


Budapest gives a goal!
The goal for JESSE RAY DUDÁS. He was very influenced by Negrina's pass and sent him as many goals as he could. Help: John Negrin.


Dansereau sent Kislitsyna an unpleasant kick, which the Russian goalkeeper had to take safely.


Brown also got Brown's shot, but he still hasn't found a recipe for the host goalkeeper.


The beginning of the match's equilibrium is slow, but it relies slightly on the MAC side of the house.


Bodó's actions were filled with sticks jumping at the person.


Today's game starts at high speed when the pieces fly from side to side.


Dudas, who only tested Kislitsyn's body, came to the first more serious ending.


The meeting has just begun.

Assembly of introduction:

MAC Budapest: Rajna (Krist. Nagy) – Negrin, Dudas, Burt, Fejes, Pozsgai, Macaulay, Bugar – Krisz. Nagy, Langkow, Bodó – Klempa, Brown, Dansereau – Odnoga, Terbócs, Szabad – Kreisz, Majoross, Szigeti

MHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas: Kislitsyn (Holly) – Kurali, Suchy, Nadasdi, Mezovsky, Fereta, Bača, Kocecky, Nemec – Kriska, Ri. Huna, Ró. Huna – Uram, Tamasi, Chosen – Heikkila, Piatka, Lištiak – Števuliak, Uhrík, Oško

Referee: Vladimir Goga, Vladimir Fridrich – Daniel Konc ml., Jozef Valo – Juraj Konc st ..

Welcome to watch online text transfer today from the 27th round of the Tipsport hockey league. Today MAC Budapešť and Liptovský Mikuláš stand against each other. In both previous strength measurements, the Slovak team players enjoyed victory. For the first time it was only after the raid, but for the second time the victory was definitely 4: 1.

Tables are better for guests who are currently in 9th place. The second team is DVTK. The bottom is behind Liptovský Mikuláš Detva, which has 2 fewer points on its account, 33. Liptovský Mikuláš won the last important match 5: 4 with Detva. The home team is in 11th place where he has 31 points, and therefore there are still real opportunities for the playoffs. In the last match, however, Budapest failed to beat three times in a row.

The best goalscorer in today's match will be home to Christopher Bodo, who has so far scored 24 points. You divide the 1: 2 ratio. The home team is the most successful player Róbert Huna. 11 goals and 8 assists with 19 points.

The betting office is slightly inclined to the side of the home side. The course value moves around number 2. For Liptakov up to around 2.60. However, hockey is one of the most incomprehensible sports, so sit comfortably and enjoy today's duel before us.

Welcome to online transmission. The meeting will begin at 19:00.


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