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Karel Gott's latest song († 80): I know his condition is serious … I have to write fast!

The song Does Not Extinguish, sung by Karel Gott with his 13-year-old daughter Charlotte Ella, was introduced to the public in early May. However, the composition became significant only after Maestre's death. Everyone understands that it's not just a good recording, but a farewell song.

The music and lyrics were signed by vocalist of the band Kryštof Richard Krajčo. In an open interview for Top Star TV Czech, Prima revealed that when Maestro asked him to collaborate, he stressed that they must hurry … He froze today.

"Both Ivanka and Karel were honest and told me that if I decided to write it, I had to write it very quickly to catch it with Charlotte, and that was a trigger for me, and there I started writing what the song was like and inspiring it. , " he said openly to Prima and Bintang Top to Richard Krajčo.

From the beginning, the songwriter knew "what God will do". "I don't really believe it. I think … you know, enough medical information about Charles is enough. He really is a super hero and he always maintains everything. But I think it's really serious now because they are very honest with I and I really have a deadline, " he confessed in an interview.

Information about Karel Gott's death caught him in the studio where he was recording with Golden Nightingale. "I was almost in the same place when I stood with Charles. I know it will come, so a man accepts it, but even when it comes, it will surprise you. I think it might not be right, it hurts me, I shut myself in my own studio for a while, I played the song and I was a little touched there, " added to Top Star Krajčo.

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