Monday , July 26 2021

How to observe the 2018 Leonidas meteoric herd

Don't forget to wear heat.

BRATISLAVA. This weekend is worth watching, culminating in the annual Leonidas meteor collection.

The lights will not be seen at night, but before they shine. This year, Roy's activities will be weaker, you will see around fifteen meteors per hour. Similar predictions also occurred a year ago.

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How to observe a bunch of meteoric Leonidas

Leonid is one of the most famous meteor herds. The name, according to the Leva constellation, apparently originates from a light phenomenon.

The moon is these days in the wake phase, but fades around midnight.

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Meteors will see you between midnight and shine.

The best time to watch is just before it shines when you have to see about ten to fifteen meteors. The constellation is the highest in the sky.

The best conditions for observation are beyond urban light pollution. The less light, the more meteors you will see.

Just by looking at your eyes with your own eyes, you don't need binoculars. Don't forget to wear heat.

The comet will return

Leo Leonid is active from the beginning to the end of November, which is best observed during the peak of Saturday the 17th on Sunday 18 November.

The Leonid Meteor is a comet 55P / Tempel-Tuttle, which flies across the atmosphere. The comet returns to the inner part of the Solar System every 33 years.

Dust particles hit the Earth's atmosphere at speeds of 70 kilometers per second.

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