Google improves Chrome for Android. He was inspired by the movement of iOS


The company is working hard to renew.

The Google Chrome web browser is installed on most Android smartphones except those sold in China. Frequently updated updates provide a better user experience and better application performance.

One upcoming update will include something that Chrome users might appreciate. Google plans to add navigation movements to the Android browser, which allows users to switch left or right quickly. This will speed up step-by-step search and one step back.

Information about new iOS-inspired signals comes from developer posts, which means working on Chrome's new form for Android is still running, and we have to wait a while for release.

There is only a small chance that this feature will not appear on Chrome for Android. It is positive that even such an increase will enter the Android application. If everything goes according to plan, new navigation movements can be expected in a few weeks. Only left to track incoming updates.

Source: PhoneArena

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