Saturday , July 24 2021

Golden Globe Marilyn Monroe was auctioned for a record number, selling other iconic items

BRATISLAVA, November 18 ( – The Golden Globe for the most popular actress, won in 1961 by Marilyn Monroe, was auctioned 250,000 dollars (worth 220,300 euros) on Saturday. That broke the record for the most expensive Golden Globe, which they sold at auction.

The trophy is part of Icons & Idols: Hollywood Julien auction house, which runs from Friday to Saturday. The new owner also discovered 1959 Raven Black Ford Thunderbird, which was auctioned 490,000 dollars (431,870).

A copy of the first Playboya release

They also sold a black satin blouse with a tie that Marilyn had on herself on February 26, 1956 at a press conference at Los Angeles Airport ($ 43,750 – $ 38,560), her first copy of Playboy, whose envelope adorned her and was signed by the founder of the famous men's magazine Hugh Hefner ($ 32,000 – 28,200), or famous black and white pants ($ 31,250 – € 27,540).

Wedding Dress of Sharon Tate

They also auctioned off other iconic memo items, such as the Sharon Tate Wedding Dress from 1968 Romanesque Polan, a collection of the first ten comic books, Amazing Spider-Man, Annual Strange Tales # 2 and Amazing Fantasy # 15 from 1962 – 1964, which were lectures recently by Stanley Leu, or a copy of the Signed Amazing Fantasy # 15 in August 1962, a complete military uniform owned by Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, George Clooney's Batman and Robin (1997) or Jeff & # 39; s Costume Bridge from Big Lebowski (1998).

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