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For the Albert Rusnak offensive midfielder the club season ended. The reason is there are no injuries, but the format of the game American Major League Soccer (MLS), which is played in the Spring-Autumn system and is the culmination of these days. Real Salt Lake, however, is out of the play-off, so Albert Rusnak will make a prominent point for the football match in 2018 for the next match with Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

When he came to Slovakia, he spoke Albert Rusnák for Š not only about the Atlantic season, but also about his future, whether he plans to return from America back to Europe, but also returns to the dramatic end of coach Ján Kozák on the Slovak bench, answering questions about new helmsman Pavel Hapal and offering opinions on the return of Miroslav Stoch.

About Kozak and Stoch

Albert Rusnák scored against Denmark

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Albert Rusnák scored against Denmark

Source: Reuters

The Slovak football team starts a new round with coach Pavel Hapal. How do you feel this change?

"Paul knows about twenty units." I know what a coach is, I know what humans are. And I have the idea of ​​what kind of football he wants to play. I personally look forward to this, but we have two sharp and difficult matches in front of us, so there will be no time to get to know each other. From the start, this is just about the game. "

Many young players from the national team have gone through "twenty units" by the hands of Pavel Hapal. Will this be an advantage for both parties?

"We know him, him too. Whether it's an advantage, I don't know. I'm sure that every young player on this show isn't here because Pavel Hapal has trained him before, but because he has quality."

Besides the coach, the entire implementation team has been replaced …

"What I know, twenty units," they are great people. I'm sure older players won't survive until they know them and everything will work as he does. "

Did coach Ján Kozák's final resonance resonate among the players?

"I just came a while ago, and you are the first journalist I spoke to. So it's not the time to go back there, but I think we will sit together during this moment, and there is still ongoing debate."

After the match with Sweden, you go to the club. Have you watched from afar what happened in Slovakia?

"Everyone is paying attention. It's not a simple period for our players, but not for coach Kozak. It's like that and I think it's right to look in front of me. Two challenging games are waiting for us and it will be good if everyone concentrates on themselves. "

On Friday, you mourn at home with Ukraine, on Monday you are waiting for a federal derby in Prague. Which duel is more important?

"It is difficult to say. At present it is more important for us what will happen on Friday. According to the results in the first match we will see what we have to do in the Czech Republic. It is foolish to concentrate now at a meeting in Prague, when we have a home match with Ukraine before. "

The main event of the current performance is the return of Miroslav Stoch. This is a direct competition for you to fight for a place in the field. How do you feel it?

"I have been hunting for an underground striker for two years at the club so that I can play in many positions. Miño Stoch has a very good form so he deserves to be nominated. He also scored two goals in the last league round and decided the match. "

Did the game come out of the US and return to Europe?

Albert Rusnák from Real Salt Lake was enjoying team mate Jefferson Savarin and Sebastian Saucedo from goal

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Albert Rusnák from Real Salt Lake was enjoying team mate Jefferson Savarin and Sebastian Saucedo from goal

Source: SITA / AP

In the US, the football season is now at its peak. Your Lake Real Salt, however, has broken up from the play-offs, so the club season is over. How do you rate that?

"This season was a success. Our goal was to play in the playoffs, which we did, and we also dropped a very strong Los Angeles FC team. We won 3: 2 with them, which I didn't expect. After that we played doubles with Kansas City. , who won our conference. Support from their team was five or six years together, and that was also seen for the game.

We are not disappointed with the club season. Plus, I am happy with myself. Matching Ukraine and the Czech Republic will be the last for me in this calendar year. I look a little awkward because the season is good but it's quite long. I have no vacation in the summer and I look forward to a break. "

You have the second season behind you "big buck". What does MLS give you on the soccer page?

"The league is better than most people. For example, if someone sees our last match, he will create another MLS opinion. The league develops every year and there are more players in Europe or South America who play for the national team. There will be five to ten players like that every season. It also proves the quality of the competition. So I'm sure that acting in the US gives me a lot of football, and even with time, I feel the departure from the Netherlands to America is a good step. "

So returning to Europe is not an agenda today?

"We just ended the season and it would be foolish to watch immediately after the transfer. I didn't push anything. If someone is interested in me, then we will deal with it afterwards. They are fair at the club and if they get an offer, come and talk. at Real Salt Lake, I'm happy. I don't plan to go. "

Why do football fans underestimate the quality of MLS?

"People in Europe don't follow it. Other American sports are at the forefront of the world. Another place is basketball, American football or baseball at the same level as in the United States. Maybe because of that, football is a bit in the background."

You can also calculate how many kilometers each. hours pouring during the season? However, the closest rivals are more than 500 kilometers away, the furthest even 4000 kilometers …

"I can't count, but a lot. Very much. For every match in court we fly. The shortest route takes about one and a half hours, but sometimes we fly four hours."



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