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Fighting in the leadership of open war police among bosses?

The president of the police began the disciplinary process towards the Director of NAKA.

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Police President Milan Lucanský began a disciplinary process against Director NAKA Petra Hraška.

The reason for this is an anonymous mistake for the initiative for decent Slovakia. They said they were paying from abroad, on that basis protest protest protesters called for a hearing.

So what's wrong with the police, is there a war between high-level superiors and how does the whole situation end?

Zuzana Kovacic Hanzel speaks with Petrom Kováč.

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Short report report

Police President Milan Lucanský announced, that for anonymous violations of the initiative for decent Slovakia, disciplinary action against the head of NAKA Petr Hraška began. Hraško is on vacation and does not want to comment on the situation.

Defense Secretary Peter Gajdoš hides who will win to buy transporters for almost half a billion euros. There are famous names related to politics in the game. The ministry prefers to refuse, the government must buy a vote next week.

Slovakia, according to Prime Minister Petr Pellegrini, is ready to respond to conflict in Ukraine. In terms of tightening sanctions against Russia, Slovakia will respect the position of the European Union.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the incident Sunday in the provocation of Kerch's provocation held by Ukrainian President Petrom Poroshenko shortly before the election of the Ukrainian head of state. This is Putin's first response to an incident that could be passed into an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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