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Elon Musk acknowledged that Tesla faced the threat of "death." Because Model 3

Elon Musk presents some interesting information in a recent interview. Tesla should only be a few weeks from "death". He slept in trouble at the factory and worked 120 hours a week. What's behind this?

"Tesla faces the threat of serious death because of the volume of production of Model 3. Money from the company fled quickly. If this problem is not resolved in a short time, we will die within a few weeks. It is very demanding," said Tesla, head of Axios.

As we know, Tesla Model 3 is a key product of the company in Elona Muska's Master Plan. This is the first electric car brand, designed for more customers. For this reason, Tesla had to invest large sums of money into Model 3 mass production. And to make Tesla have no more money, Tesla had to reach a certain volume of production which would reduce production costs to the required level.

From the start, however, he faced production problems, which caused his failure to fulfill his original production plan. Problems arise from unadjusted production lines, where Musk's connection acknowledged in the past that production was "automatic". Another problem is the battery produced at Tesla Gigafactory 1.

Musk is sleeping at the factory

The company also struggles with insufficient quality of initial production and supply chain problems, which also cost a lot of money. Elon Musk also admitted that he even slept at the most critical time in the factory where Model 3 was produced.

At that time, he worked 120 hours a week, saying he did not recommend it to anyone. "This is very painful, it doesn't help the brain or heart," he added.

But everything seems to have broken down at the end of June, when Tesle managed to reach one of the main destinations, namely a production volume of 5,000 per week. This should be close to 7,000 per week. The last plan is 10,000 a week.

Successful big sales

Tesla currently enjoys tremendous sales success. The Tesla Model 3 belongs to the best-selling model in the United States, regardless of the type of drive. Thanks to this, the company managed to overcome the total sales of car makers such as Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar and generate profits after a long time.

Big opportunities

And the Tesla Model 3 is just waiting for expansion into global markets outside North America. This will begin with the first shipment in late February or March, with Europe and China as well. And other Tesla models are on their way. This is the Y, Semi, Pickup and Roadster 2 Models.

Production problems in their case, according to Tesla, should not be repeated, because the production of Model 3 is a good lesson for him. We believe that will happen, we hold Tesle inches and we look forward to new models.

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