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Direction wants candidates not to have the right name in the job data

The candidate list and ballot papers do not have to contain their names or abbreviations in the candidate's employment data.

This was proposed by lawmakers Marián Kéry and Martin Nemky (both Smer-SD). They want to enforce the changes by amending the Law on Conditions to Exercise the Right to Vote, which they submit to the National Council (NR) of the Slovak Republic.

Thus, applicants want to ensure that data on the use of candidates is not misused to promote civic associations and / or other legal entities, "or that this data is not used to identify candidates for movement candidates, specific citizen initiatives, associations or the like".

For example, some candidates, according to MPs, promote their involvement in civic associations even when the campaign has been banned. In fact, this data also received ballot papers. "At the same time, it promotes certain civic associations, which also openly promote their sympathy for political party programs," they explained in an explanatory memorandum.

The European Parliament also referred to the State Commission on Election and Control of Political Party Funding, which they found that "the work carried out by a candidate at the time of submission of the candidate list" is being abused for political advertising.

Amendments must also help voters clearly identify independent candidates from a candidate on the political party list.

Under the proposed arrangement, a candidate can register more work if he does, but without naming the employer. In cases of violation of the law, the commission does not need to register the candidate. This will be preceded by a call to delete their own names or abbreviations from the work data.

The effectiveness of the new law has been proposed by Direction-SD lawmakers since May 1, 2020, so that the law can be applied for the first time after the election to the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

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