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did I bring the Game Jam to the 2018 Salne Comic? The game is made after 30 ratings

Trident value for interesting projects. This is the result of the September Game Jam's poe of Comics Salna. As we informed before the event, Comics Saln the first to hold Game Jam, which was made in collaboration with and Butterfly Effect. like in Game Jame limited only later by cities and we finally took the pit. T must create the most spectacular and most original titles on the platform platform and set the darkness in a few moments.

Kee ilo for Prime Minister Game Jam, darkness can't be like Saln Comics. Darkness gets 30 points for making a cast version of their project, which they submit to the jury. Therefore, the project evaluated and selected the three best, who were also given prizes. Before you are given a prize money, lazy people get space to present their game to the audience, Game Jam will also work for AnimeSHOW 2019 –, which will take place on March 29 – 31, 1919. Mete adds to Facebook shows.

You will not find a presentation list with all the games and evaluators themselves. In order for your pocket to be invisible, we will create a title in the cast version. If you want to play on the jury, play the game first and choose the three best from themselves.

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