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Cloned apes or genetically modified children – Man – Science and technology

Modification of human embryos, monkeys cloned and now genetically modified children – this is a choice of reports from genetic research and cloning in China.

Genetic transcription of human embryos is ...

Genetic rewriting of humans
embryos are banned in Britain, the US and many other countries throughout the world
many consider it unethical and dangerous.

Critical and unreliable responses have been put forward by Chinese scientists, Che Ťien-kchuy,
who announced that he had genetically modified several human embryos and had them
from those twins a few weeks ago. If the claim
they will be the first children born to genetically enriched embryos.

The poorest countries in the world want to be leaders in this study,
because local laws are unclear, however, the road for the most part is also open
controversial experiment. Even in the case of Che Ťien-kchuya, there is doubt.
Shenzhen University, where scientists work, labeled his research
for "serious violations of academic ethics".

More than one hundred Chinese scientists signed a statement containing his statement
the project was condemned as unethical, and the Chinese National Health Commission
ordered an investigation into the case. Chinese scientists today announced that he was
trial of anger and controversy over its ethical aspects
He is suspended.

Eight pairs of volunteers are involved in the business – the fathers are
positive test for HIV, the mother has a negative test. one
from the project pair stepping out before stopping. "I must
to justify that these results have unexpectedly escaped, "Che said.

"Clinical trials have been suspended due to the current situation,"
He explained. Che Ġien-kiu, with his experiments, surprised most scientists and
many were surprised. DNA editing (which is called editing germ line)
is a controversial topic and in many countries in the world this method –
human DNA modification – forbidden. This DNA change can
even in the next generation, with the possibility of damaging it
several other genes.

Genetic transcription of human embryos is prohibited in England,
many other countries in the world, and many consider it unethical too
dangerous. There are concerns about transferring genetic mutations to others
generation. In research, more scientists have done genetic editing
human embryo, but the modified embryo has been developed only briefly
in laboratory conditions, unlike Che Yi-chuya, this one
embryos, according to their words, are used in artificial insemination.

Examples of Genetic Research and Cloning in China in the Past

  • April 2015 – Chinese Scientists in Proteins &
    Cells announce that genetically modified human embryos. Chuang Ťün-ťioua a
    his colleagues from Sunjatsen University in Canton have been repaired
    HBB-induced beta thalassemia using this method
    CRISPR / time9. However, they use embryos that "cannot live".
  • December 2015 – Announced that at
    Tianjin City, East China is the first commercial event
    cloning beef cattle. Investors want to produce one million per year
    cloned pieces of cow.
  • January 2018 – Chinese scientists announced they were cloning
    monkey. Shanghai researchers use the same method as England
    they cloned Dolly's sheep. Two long lifespan Luwak Chung Chung and Chua
    Chua was born at the end of 2017. They were the first primates to be cloned
    from non-embryonic cells.
  • November 2018 – Chinese scientist, Che Ťien-kchu
    announced that they had modified several human embryos genetically and that they were from them
    born twins, Lulu and Nana girls. Scientists use a technique called
    CRISPR / Cas9, with which damaged genes can be exchanged. He focused on that
    to the CCR5 receptor, which allows the introduction of HIV into cells. Che
    Jian-kiu claims that the aim is to activate an HIV-positive father
    to infect children with a lower risk of infection with these viruses
    causes acquired immune failure syndrome (AIDS).

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