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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – great zombies, good campaign, but little map

Novelties are traditionally made up of several parts, which are ideal for reviewing separately. The campaign has another currency, Zombies mode is back in full beauty and multiplayer has something to keep up with last year’s share. The content is well put together, each fan will have a different phase.

Best mode: Zombie

Raised over decades of gaming with the Zombies two years ago in Black Ops IIII, this year I’m the first to discover a mode where you discover a mysterious map in a quartet and gradually hordes of the undead roll over you. And you can feel that the authors did really well at this stage, and if they add more maps to it it could be the biggest show in the series.

The intro will show you where various experiments were carried out, and suddenly after the experiment, a dangerous mutated species starts to come out of the bunker, and it doesn’t take long for them to want to untangle the unsuspecting civilians. Meanwhile, the map Die Maschine awaits you, where military units arrive at the site of the old World War II bunker, begin to explore it, and the zombies gradually roll out.

The mechanics of the game are light: you gradually get certain tasks to do (open the bunker, turn on the electricity, activate other devices, go to different portals) and meanwhile more waves of zombies roll over you. You have a number in the corner so you know where you are on the bike and if you don’t, you shoot at the waves, you know the parts of the map and for the money you earn you can load up or get new guns, bombs or obstacles to barricades .

The advantage of this mode is that you enter the event with a decent arsenal and you don’t have to buy all of them (otherwise you start with simple weapons). But you still have to earn and shoot for the soul. The first 8 to 10 rounds are still quite manageable, but once the first trip to the portal arrives, the atmosphere will start to thicken, the number of zombies will increase sharply, and with no rounds like that. 14-15 is difficult.

Then you’ll find that a well-played team has a big advantage – if zombies knock you to your knees, teammates can find you and give you good shots so you can keep fighting. Only in the rounds that followed, it was no exception that two of the four were knocked out, waiting for a rescue, but the others had to do something to shoot them.

Die Maschine is an excellent map in this genre, which expands accordingly, giving you new possibilities, opening doors or making objects accessible. Sometimes there are even radioactive bosses that can’t fall to the ground easily, and you usually have to shoot them together. This goes for other bosses too, the rounds are really challenging and it’s necessary for the team to stick together and be able to train them.

Another mode is Dead Ops Arcade, where you destroy waves of zombies, collect weapons or bonuses, move to the next map and the whole event works in 2D. It’s a nice arcade that has dozens of loops and serves more as an extension of the main map, but you’ll enjoy a lot of co-op fun here.

In addition, PlayStation players will receive the Onslaught mode, where 7 maps take turns and you and other players face waves of enemies in a designated part of the map. It works like a classic mob, where you want to survive as long as possible and the limit is a piece of the map where you have to live, anywhere else the environment will quickly kill you. This mode is exclusive to PS4 and PS5 gamers until November 1, 2021.

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The campaign is noisy, dynamic and short

The good news for fans of the Call of Duty campaign is that the author didn’t do it this time. While last year’s campaign was going strong, this year you’ll gobble it up in 5-6 hours and this writer chose a different style. The serious tone of the terrorist threat is replaced by a glimpse of the Cold War, scenes and missions still revolve around red phones, spies, Berlin or KGB, and it’s clear that you’re having fun here rather than thinking.

CIA agent Russell Adler meets old acquaintances and the author takes advantage of famous events across multiple missions. Ronald Reagan is even locked in here, but his motives, along with his team of advisors, are somewhat bizarre, bringing out the classic archetype of how Americans should carry out more than one operation to change anything in the world and on the other hand go no further in their motives. Quickly cut scenes were used to create conflict, but we understand what this is all about: the Russians are dangerous, they fence in here with atomic weapons, spies are almost everywhere, and difficult operations.

If you are willing to take up the campaign as a Hollywood shooter, where you enjoy a different mission every half hour, you are at the right address and regardless of length, you will not disappoint. There are incredible scenes where the director includes explosions as well as shooting, determined heroes and experienced units. Campaigns will often test you to hit targets on time – but remember that they are often written in such a way that even your potential failure may not mean the end of the mission. If someone wants to escape the fight, even restarting a fifth time won’t help you reach the time limit.

But a welcome change is that, unlike previous campaigns, you sometimes get a choice of options that change the character’s behavior or the outcome of the scene. And traditionally, you can decide if you want to penetrate somewhere by shooting or using a stealth stealth mechanism. Some of the missions rely on spying deployments, so they slowly turn into Hitman-style shooters – silently, with silencers, occasionally throwing documents or getting into bags, and the mission at KGB headquarters in Moscow is worth it.

Although my favorites were the missions in Berlin with a really great atmosphere of fragmentation and the situation in a city full of various operations. And when you think that a normal and stealth shooter will be enough for you, there will be a crackling scene where you get married and shoot in a car or get on a helicopter and you will be shown different shooting or sound sides of the game.

I love that the missions are already written, but they have the ideal pace, and it’s a shame that instead of a complete journey they remember the best ideas the authors had in their creations. If they take the time to think more about the entire line, they can have a longer and better campaign. Here’s how last year’s Modern Warfare had the upper hand…

Multiplayer has just started

And lastly, there is multiplayer, which I did in the first days, but felt that the player was familiar with the map, weapons or system. After two weeks, some have flown to quite high levels and are experienced on the map, which is due to their low numbers – there are only 8 of them, while Modern Warfare was twice as many last year.

Traditionally, I was the first to start playing the great Hardpoint mode last year, where teams try to occupy selected points on the map, saving them for points. And the second team tried to beat it so the competition points stopped counting and ended up leaning towards their side. This is still a quality mode, not played by many players. But the maps are good and experts will surely be aware of the shooter profile and weaponry chosen.

These modes are nothing short of classics like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Free For All, Kill Confirmed. Apart from Hardpoint and Domination, I spent a lot of time on classic deathmatch, where six would go against six and go classically for the greatest number of hits. There’s nothing wrong with this mode, and once you’ve studied the map, you can spend a few good nights here until more come.

From the mode itself, we can mention Combined Weapons, in which units of 12 fight against a second dozen using vehicles: some motorbikes (Cartels), other tanks (Crossroads) or even boats (Fleets). Motorbikes and tanks are classics, but the Armada map is interesting because you move the boat to another part of the map and move between ships, you can even dive underwater or try different waterfalls. And the VIP member’s escort type elements are also mixed up to a certain point on the map, when the enemy tries to take him down as soon as possible.

Fireteam: Dirty Bomb is designed for 40 players and there are many places. It tries to evoke the feeling of battle royale mode, you fight in groups of four, but after death it can awaken in a new place and you keep fighting. Your main task is to collect uranium, detonate bombs and score points.

However, after two weeks, I felt that multiplayer still needed some improvement. It’s not about the number of modes gradually jumping into Modern Warfare last year, but about balancing content and especially the larger number of maps. It’s as if the cards have changed this year – the author has thrown out a lot of fashions, but fewer locations. And of course, many players are wondering how they turned into Black Ops Cold War and another hit series – battle royale Warzone, sometime in December.

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Which platform to play on?

As you probably know, the PlayStation platform has the edge this year in the exclusive Onslaught zombie mode. In addition, the PS5 version supports the DualSense driver so that when you play the campaign, each weapon behaves differently and has excellent feedback which is unexpected. So the controller “dumps” you and you have a different feel to the game. If you are a big fan of zombies or want to try other games, PS5 is the right choice.

But you can also enjoy a lot of fun and optimized performance at high quality on the Xbox platform. Personally, I have tried playing Black Ops Cold War on the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X, and both provide a very fast experience, while the X Series can also load data faster. However, the new Call of Duty is again a big game – while older consoles will fit under 100 GB, for example, the X Series already requires 135 GB.

In either case, the next generation platform benefits immensely from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and if you’re playing all year round, it’s definitely worth spending this version on.

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Despite the fact that the author added a good portion of content at the start, Black Ops Cold War started off less strong than last year’s work. Campaigns are fun, but shorter. Zombie mode is great, but it only has one map so far. And multiplayer has lots of modes, but fewer maps and slower overall. Of course, Call of Duty evolves over time, so after two weeks it’s impossible to give off a smudge finish, but so far it’s an above-average shooter, but a slightly weaker part of the series than the top Modern Warfare return of the year. then.

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