By Košice tax officers, the windows in the car were blown up


The police began criminal prosecution for violations and violations.

Košice. In the city of Košice, cabaret war seems to have begun.

As TV JOJ knows, two long-time Kosice taxi drivers damaged the car on Tuesday night.

Maybe percussion weapons pushed them through the side window at the door.

Both taxi drivers believe that it is a competitive struggle, because they have been threatened in the past too.

But it was only a verbal attack they did not do at that time.

"It has been going on for at least 10 years, a very threat, and so on," said taxi driver Roberto.

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They found a bullet

An experienced 25-year-old taxi driver wakes up at night and tells him that someone has damaged his car.

"We broke the window, we found that I had a broken window, then my colleague called, maybe five minutes before he had the same thing, windows and even pillars," taxi driver Stanislav told TV JOJ.

"I have a hole in the pillar, because I don't have a window for the first time," Robert added.

They even found a bullet in Stanislav's car.

He believes he shot from percussion weapons.

Causes and errors

This case was handled by the police, who started the prosecution.

"In connection with damage to glass fillers in Mercedes Benz vehicles, police began criminal charges for the cause of damage to foreign objects. Damage to glass fillers on Ford police vehicles inspected under violation law as alleged violations of property," regional police spokesman Lenka Ivanová said.


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