Saturday , October 23 2021

Blaha catches up with Baránik: The reason is the Gorilla and the current big fish accusation


“Prosecutors are here to assess the level of criminal law of cases under investigation, court evidence relevance,” said the liberal representative. They discussed with the vice president of the Smer-SD Ľuboš Blah party whether responsibility for Gorilla and the suspicions arising from it had more to do with former representatives of the SDKÚ or the Smer-SD line led by Robert Fico.

Chairman of the parliamentary group We are a family in the National Council of the Slovak Republic and the deputy chairman of the movement Peter Pčolinský also believes that if allegations are made in another police action, the police must have evidence to do so. “It is up to the court to decide whether there is much or little evidence. I believe that if someone has done something, they will be punished for it.” stated. He didn’t think it was a political order.

Peter Pčolinský

Source: TASR – Jaroslav Novák

Matúš Šutaj Eštok, an independent member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic and a non-parliamentary member of Hlas-SD, criticized police actions, for example, in the arrest of one of the Penta owners. He believed that it was primarily a demonstration of strength and power. “There will be 60 puppeteers waiting there for 15 minutes waiting for the elevator. Do you think Mr. Hascak is gathering evidence at the office?” asked Šutaj Eštok, who saw the police action as an attempt to cover up the government’s inability to resolve the pandemic situation.

Judicial reform

Discussants also commented on the current topic of judicial reform, which also concerns the possibility of revoking the Constitutional Court’s authority to assess compliance with legal norms adhered to by the constitution. Pčolinský argues that the Constitutional Court should have special cases that can comment on the suitability of the laws adopted, for example in cases of human rights and human and civil liberties. However, according to him, judges do not have to comment on themselves.

Blaha catches it

Source: Topky / Maarty

This means that if we include in the constitution that judges must have security clearance, the Constitutional Court concerned will say it is not in accordance with the constitution. I wonder if it’s all right, I don’t think so, “ added Pčolinský. In the case of judicial reform, Baránik admits that this is a complex topic that is still being debated. “Maybe it will be clear on Tuesday,” said a member of the SaS in connection with the fact that the plenary had to vote on proposals at Tuesday’s meeting (8.12.).

Matúš Šutaj Eštok points out that coalitions usually pass laws in shortened legislative procedures, without professional discussion, even in cases where the laws are not related to a coronary crisis. “In this situation, it is dangerous to take serious interventions such as changing the constitution,” stress.

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