Tuesday , May 18 2021

Bero: We can't change the game. At least we have to save it

Pavel Hapal, Slovakia coach, has placed three centers in the same composition and with the same tactics when he played from home matches with Ukraine in the 30th minute. The injured Kucka added Matúš Bero next to Hamšík and Greguš. Defender Vitesse Arnhem in Prague remained on the page even after the 4-1-4-1 transition, but Slovakia did not succeed in Eden.

Medan has slowed our game

"We have a good start for the match," he thanks Bero: "Then the ball began to soar. The page was not ideal, the first touch with our ball takes four or five seconds, not two seconds. This slows down the game, making a little loss. We need to change the game, we don't. " Slovakia has almost 70% possession in the opening half, a better combination. "I think the Czechs were shocked. We were depressed, we were fast on the ball. However, the goal was holding us," Matthew returned for the moment when Slovak's match ended.

The Slovaks lost their goal after the goals were collected. Victory tied matches on paper opponents who are qualitatively worse have begun to develop in frustration. Even though guests have hope, they may be too crowded. The game was not simple, it did not make it a direct duel against Ukraine. By moving Dudu behind Gregus and then for Rusnak Hapal emerged with a combination of dominance, his team began kicking the central zone. "Even in the second half we pushed into the goal, we put everything in it. We didn't have the luck to make the ball feel comfortable. So how did it happen to them? They took the ball, put it in defense, and Schick ran in the keeper. I don't think he knows how, " he said after meeting Bero.

Matúš Bero vs. Tomáš Souček.

I didn't fail, but I could play better

Twenty-three years old Trenčín, before Hapal's arrival, played for Slovakia for one minute in Slovakia. Against Ukraine and the Czech Republic he received two and a half hours. "Against Ukraine I was nervous in the first few minutes. Playing for Slovakia and going with these people was a dream for young players. I got bigger minutes that I didn't expect. I know how to play better, but I don't think I failed, " said after the match in Prague, Bero, but he fell into the League of Nations third performance category: "Too bad. We have one coach in the first two matches, and two others. He was sucked into the team. It's possible to get a minimum stay in the group. We must try to return to Group 2 in another battle in the League of Nations. "

More than just a downgrade in the competition, they deserve to get a worse job in qualifying for the 2020 European championship. Slovakia will only withdraw from the third show basket. However, the cabin, according to Bera, seemed unsuccessful, "Our lives don't end there. This is also a complication in terms of qualifications, but we have quality and we can surprise all of our opponents. We are good people, we have everything good in the club season. " Slovakia's representation will meet next March at the start of qualifying for ME 2020.

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