Apple iPhone XR – Is It Missing iPhone 9?


I don't think I will be the only one who doesn't really hope to introduce the new iPhone XR. He doesn't really like me, either with his design or with what he offers. XS XS and iPhone XS XS are smartphones that deserve attention. In fact, I can't get away from the truth. The Apple iPhone XR only has to be the smartphone team that we see most often in the public.

With his brother who is more sophisticated and, especially, his brothers who are more expensive, he has shared a lot. Before I can see what the iPhone XR really is, I want to thank the Telekom operator for testing the rent, and of course you can buy a new iPhone XR in a different color too.

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Only color is one of the new things that want to distinguish this iPhone. Instead of plain black, maybe white or silver You can achieve bolder colors.

You can also find beautiful gems such as coral, yellow, red, blue and green. There are several nuances to choose from, so everyone comes to their place. Besides that, Apple really has done these colors and it's really embarrassing to hide them under some packaging.

However, this might be a necessity, because, as well as a more expensive model, the iPhone XR has a back side of the glass, so it can be damaged if dropped. Repair isn't cheap at all and you need to prepare more euros instead of changing the display.

In addition, the side edges are made of aluminum, which is significantly more susceptible to scratches and used marks than steel in the case of the iPhone XS. What's more, Apple has forgotten this fact so you can't find the blankets or blankets offered. You must rely on third-party packaging, or wait for Apple to make it yourself.

I got a completely normal and almost boring white test. I was almost sad when downloading, but there was no other offer at the time. Finally, however, I must admit that even this color has something to do with itself. The Apple iPhone XR is so pure and fresh in it. In addition to this color you will definitely not see prints that only belong to a telephone made of glass either owned.

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After I caught the new iPhone XR for the first time, I immediately realized the weight. This increase is only 22 grams, but you can still feel more weight. This will be very true when compared to the iPhon XS that I tested a few days before. It's harder than you can guess when looking at its size.

On the other hand, it's the size of the famous middle gold road West exactly between iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. For most users, it will be an ideal smartphone, at least for its size. This is still very good, so you put it in your pocket without problems and you will even know the shoes.

Otherwise, the iPhone XR shares a surprising number of design elements for its more expensive siblings. First of all I will mention the missing Home button. This has long been written by Apple. The new iPad Pro also proves it. As well as the iPhone XS, the front is almost on the entire screen.

So, except for the cut that brought the model last year. It also came to the iPhone XR. Fortunately, the same-match TrueDepth camera from the second generation is hidden, so opening the face again is a bit faster. However, at the same time, the portrait mode from the front camera is lost. But I will get it later.

You're looking at the main difference

Of course, because the iPhone XR is a few hundred euros cheaper, something other than the size and body of the aluminum must be different. The team is something to show. While the more expensive iPhones rely on OLED panels, in the case of the iPhone XR, Apple bet on the liquid Retina Screen.

It has 6.1 diagonal and uses IPS LCD technology. You can say that is a step back, but I can assure you that, like the old model, this is also a top class display.

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Bright colors are not very vivid and black is not black like on an OLED screen, but readability on the exterior and high display quality. You don't even realize the difference in normal use. Of course, if you don't concentrate and directly compare just the look next to each other.

Then it's clear that the iPhone XR draws for a shorter end. In direct comparison, the LCD screen of the iPhone XR seems faded and less sharp. However, as I said, this only applies if you compare it directly next to each other.

Many ask whether there is a lower resolution seen on this screen, because Apple actually uses a screen with Full HD resolution or not. But the difference is only seen if you have both smartphones next to each other. When only using the iPhone XR, you will have no problem solving weak problems. Even when watching YouTube videos, I don't feel like watching a bad show.

But what you will definitely see in the first few days will be a bigger frame. They are really bigger than the iPhone XS. After a few days of use, you will not be so big. At least until you catch your iPhone again with an OLED screen.

But what I am crying for a week of use is the lack of 3D Touch. Maybe, or rather, belong to a minority that uses this technology every day, but I don't really lose the iPhone XR. With 3D Touch, I'm used to reacting quickly to notifications, for creating new messages, moving cursors in text, and other features that I normally use. How hard I use this feature I didn't realize until that time I didn't save an iPhone that didn't have it.

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Apple has prepared a replacement in the form of Haptic Touch for the iPhone XR, which means holding fingers longer on the screen, but this feature doesn't work everywhere. You only use it in the Notification Center and the locked screen. If you hold your finger long for an application, you will only be able to delete it. I understand that the function needs to be added by the developer, but Touch Touch comes as a step back.

Therefore, the display is one of the parameters that distinguishes the iPhone XR from more expensive models. So if you're worried about the new iPhone XR just because you might think the screen is weak, you don't need to do it. It has parameters somewhat worse than those on the iPhone XS, but it's definitely not a display that you don't want to watch or you will see all individual pixels. This is a high-quality display, only using older technology. But you can't be like me, so use 3D Touch regularly, otherwise you will feel like you were back a few years ago.

There is no compromise in performance

The biggest benefit of the iPhone XR and its biggest advantage over the more expensive model of the manufacturer is that it uses hardware that is as strong as other models. The basis, therefore, is the Apple Bionic A12 processor, which literally has the power to convey. In addition, you must add that the processor pushes a significantly smaller display, less points.

Removing RAM is a little smaller, but I don't feel it. The application runs as fast as I do and I don't miss unnecessary application reloads which can cause less RAM. Next is the fact that Apple has the hardware and software and the iPhone XR is enough with hardware that is rather weak compared to competing Android devices. However, it is faster.

However, a lower screen resolution also has a beneficial effect on one charging duration. Because the processor has to worry about less points on the screen, the iPhone XR isn't just as strong as the iPhone XS, but it's more economical. Even when you are really active, you will not have a problem achieving a level of resilience on a full day or more than one day.

Of course, there is also no possibility of wireless charging, just like the iPhone at this time. Fast charging is also supported, but you have to invest in a faster charger. You will still get a famous charger that will charge your smartphone for almost three hours.

A small limitation for the more expensive iPhone on the menu is the lack of support for the fastest LTE connection. However, this is not what you need to worry about in our country, because in 99% of cases, your connection speed will be limited by the operator network and not by the speed of your smartphone modem. I prefer to welcome the addition of eSIM support by Slovak operators.

The Apple iPhone XR also supports two SIM cards, but one of them is eSIM, so we have to wait until services are supported in our country. However, I am sure this will happen soon, because in neighboring Bohemia this service starts.

One good eye

The latest compromise to lower the price of the iPhone XR is to use only one main camera. Apple does it on models like Google Pixel 3 or other manufacturers where we find single cameras and editing software. The sensor itself is the same as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Therefore, the image quality page offers the same property. Enhanced stabilization, or the new Smart HDR mode that takes a better dynamic photo range. The result is as good as a more expensive model.

For photos in low light, the iPhone will try to maximize the details in dark and light scenes. The result is a photo that offers balanced delivery across the spectrum. Sometimes trying to keep details in a dark place is stronger than I want. However, some people like the photo.

It's also great for recording night scenes where Apple works to eliminate better noise and detail. However, like other iPhones, no night mode can use longer exposures to make more artistic photos.

I also noticed the tendency to balance colors to colors that were warmer than reality. However, I have noticed this since the release of the iPhone 8, where the modified white balance first appeared.

Strangely, however, the iPhone XR will offer similar to the XS iPhone portrait mode, even though it only uses one camera. Like Google, it puts this mode in editing software. The result is very good to surprise me. Because using different focal lengths, you may be further away from people who are photographed and portraits of photographs have a totally different touch.

Blur is not very strong, but overall, the photos produced are more natural. In addition, even in low light, it's not too fast to see an aggressive effort to eliminate the noise often seen from the iPhone XS telephoto lens. It has a slightly higher aperture number.

Of course, one lens also means certain limitations in editing portraits. For example, you don't have the option to cut someone. But he provides a front camera. This, in a way, is exactly the same as the iPhone XS.

So you can enjoy the same options as portrait or Animoji if you are a fan of them. Besides the iPhone XS, "iks-erko" also offers improved front-end stabilization, so you will enjoy beautiful Full HD videos from the front camera.

So the iPhone XR video offers the same possibilities and benefits as the more expensive iPhone. It's free to record 4K videos or slow Full HD videos at 240 fps. In general, I think iPhone as the best mobile device for recording video, I always know that the focus will be smooth and accurate and also reach a sufficient dynamic range during video.


Apple iPhone XR is not the "budget" iPhon, the price is lower, but still quite high. On the other hand, I can recommend it to anyone who wants the latest and strongest iPhone, but the iPhone XS is small or expensive for that, and the XS XS iPhone is good and, of course, too expensive. For your money, you will get a lot of music, or surprisingly many features of a more expensive iPhone. However, you have to forget about 3D Touch, and you can't, like the look that's a little weaker, blocking me. For me personally, however, the Apple iPhone XR is the biggest surprise of the trio that was introduced.

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