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After the battle at Myjav Bar, the police found the identity of two men


The man who attacked, according to the police after the blow healed, was treated for three weeks.

Myjayan police officers are investigating cases of hooliganism in connection with ill-treatment after fighting at a local bar. Although the case began in February, footage of two men whose identities have been published by search police today.

On February 11, about half an hour after midnight (from 00.00 to 00.37 h), the perpetrators physically attacked Michael, who was 35 years old. The attack took place at the night bar in the hotel building on us. M. R. Štefánik at Myjav. The police asked for help in identifying two people – witnesses to hooliganism.

"The perpetrator pushed the injured from the floor to the exit of the bar, where he hit him with his fist in the area of ​​his face, then pushed him to the stairs leading to the corridor in front of the reception and entrance to the hotel where he hit his fist in the head area" regional police spokesman Elena Antal.

The attack was treated for three weeks

The unknown perpetrator, according to his words, is openly accessible to the public by attacking other people and injuring him causing injuries that require a three-week treatment period.

"Given that in the criminal case in question they failed to identify the fact that justified the prosecution of a person, criminal prosecution was interrupted by the order of the police in charge at Myjava," Antal said.

But police said they were still looking for perpetrators. "There were two people on a security camera who could witness the attack of a 35-year-old Michael," a police spokesman said, asking for help in identifying an unknown man.

"This can help clarify hate crimes and health injuries," concluded that people can contact the police at 158 ​​free telephone numbers or private messages on the official Facebook site on Facebook.

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