Actress Meg Ryan has great new things!


Meg Ryan (55) and musician John Mellencamps (67) first disbanded, but in 2017 they continued their romance again. Now their relationship has moved a little further.

A few days ago, speculation began to spread about whether they were involved. At one of the Halloween parties, Meg has found a beautiful gem on his unforgettable ring. On Thursday, actresses on social networks publish photos with pictures of children, where she writes "Engagement!".

The couple started dating in 2010, but after five years they announced a break. "I love Meg Ryan but he hates me for death" quoting the words of John Online Portal John was desperate at that time. The musician acknowledged that he behaved like a child, moody and still complained about something. But, as they say, old love is rust and in 2017 they meet again again.


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