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Actor Lubomir Kostelka, known from the cult comedy, died

The actor died at the age of 91 years.

28 November 2018 at 9:50 p.m. TASR

Prague. At the age of 91 years, Czech actor Lubomir Kostelka, known mostly from comedy films, died after a sudden heart attack.

In addition to Gulliver's key role in The Case for a Beginning Word (1969), he has created hundreds of smaller characters, from Thief Pajdak in Lords of Guys to Fandu's Daughter in the first two works of Zden Babk Troška's Babovresky Fest. Information is provided by

Editorial confirmed the report about the death of the son of actor Martin Kostelka. According to him, "Father has pulled his lungs and his heart has not survived".

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Originally from the city of Moravia Přerov was brought to the acting of his classmate from Vladimír Menšík, Secondary Electrical Engineering School. Together they then studied at the Brno Conservatory, and Menšík then brought Kostelka from regional scenes behind the legendary Jan Werich to the Prague ABC Theater.

Also at Menšík's suggestion, Kostelka exchanged theater scenes for film and television. The intense friendship of these two artists lasted 40 years.

A special look brought Kostelka a number of smaller but significant officials, criminals, servants, servants, portals

For normalization, he plays a small smile on cult photos today, Lord, you are a widow !, Four murders are enough, honey, Let's give you spinach or How to drown Dr. Mrakka – almost always with Menšík.

After November 1989 he shot the TV series Kostelka, for example, Arabela back, We were five years old, Life at the Chateau, Ranch U zeleného sedmi a Zdobočelá země.

He also recruited award-winning films such as Chicken Melancholik (1999) and Babi Summer (2001). Only small roles in the film Melancholic Chicken gave him a nomination for the Czech Lion Prize.

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