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This $ 13 leggings has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon with almost 4,000 reviews – I have several partners and they follow the hype, Business Insider

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Viv 4x3 leggings

Alyssa Powell / People in Business
  • The VIV Collection Leggings are on Amazon at a price of only $ 14, and it's the best I've ever used.
  • They have 4.3 star reviews with nearly 4,000 reviews on the online retailer's website.
  • Made of soft buttery cloth that is completely opaque and features a nice high waist, they are made to suit women of all shapes and sizes.
  • They are also available in almost 50 colors and patterns.

Black leggings are a universal staple in almost every woman's closet. They can be worn in millions of different ways, day or night, with sneakers or stilettos and still match anything imaginable – their versatility knows no boundaries.

However, not all black leggings are created equal – something I learned in a difficult way. Throughout my time on this planet, I have spent thousands of dollars on my quest to find the perfect partner – soft as butter but not thin, fade-resistant, designed to keep the muffin-top scary at bay, and opaque enough to avoid damage to the wardrobe embarrassing.

Although this doesn't seem to ask much, actually – I have about 15 pairs of lonely leggings bought everywhere from Costco to Barneys New York stacked in my closet to prove it.

Because Amazon reviewers rarely let me down, I decided to give one of the most high-value leggings – VIV Collection Brushed Buttery Soft Leggings. With almost 4,000 reviews, 4.3 star ratings, and a $ 13.99 price tag, I won't lose much.

Amazon reviewer, you are not wrong.


First of all, these leggings have around 50 different colors and patterns, and are made of 92% polyester and a mixture of 8% Spandex. Many reviewers compare it to LuLaRoe leggings, a popular second skin feeling, which you might see being sold by one of your friends on Facebook. Because I'm more than just a black legging girl, I haven't tried any of the colors and other prints, but judging from the reviewers, they seem pretty epic too.

I will admit, my expectations were not too high when I opened the package, because I had been disappointed by so many leggings in the past. However, as soon as my fingers swept the cloth, I realized that things could be different this time. This leggings feels as soft as butter like some of my leggings that cost $ 50, like those from Splendid. They really feel like well moisturized skin.

Viv Leggings Raise Your Feet

Alyssa Powell / People in Business

Size and fit

VIV leggings are available in two sizes: "One Size," which is suitable for anyone from sizes 0 or XS to 12 or L, and "Plus," for sizes 14 to 24. I am a bit nervous about the size situation. How does one pair of leggings fit for women that are so different in size and shape? That doesn't make sense.

To give you an idea, I am usually somewhere between small and medium at the bottom, and I am 5-foot-10 with legs that are quite slim. While my stomach was flat, after two children, I had to admit that it was no longer – and that was not something I wanted to show off.

When I wear these kids, I'm in the paradise of leggings.

The style aspect that immediately surprised me as a genius was how leggings were designed with high waist and forgiving waist. They didn't cut the skin, so I didn't get the dreaded top of the muffin. Somehow, they managed to stay up without needing to be tied or tightened around the middle of my body too. This is very brilliant and the result is a very nice and smooth display.

Regardless of the concerns of my initial size, they are truly suitable – and judged by testimonies and photographs of other women of every body shape and size – they are seriously a real problem when it comes to two-size-fits-all appointments. 8% Spandex works well.

Again, this leggings really feels like a second skin, so even though it fits, they don't feel tight and uncomfortable. The length is also extraordinary. Because my legs are long, it can be a struggle to find pants that are long enough to reach my ankles, and this must pass the test.

I will go take a risk and say that no woman on this planet wants to accidentally show off her body or underwear when bowing with black leggings. I am happy to announce that VIV leggings are really blurry – I will definitely test them both intentionally in the comfort of my home and carry out the task accidentally.

Leggings Viv Legs

Alyssa Powell / People in Business


I now have a couple of pairs of leggings because I'm really obsessed and always want a clean partner in my closet. I have washed each couple several times in the regular cycle with other dark clothes for more than a year, and miraculously, they maintain their color, shape and quality very well. In fact, they may get softer with age.

This is all quite surprising to me, because in my experience, black leggings have a very short life. The thread is released, the color fades, and even the most expensive of the group is a mess. If you are looking for the perfect black (or patterned) leggings, consider your search because you don't need to spend a lot of money on a more expensive style when you can have it for less than $ 15.

Just a warning – VIVING Leggings Collection is a kind of addiction, so after you start buying it, you might not be able to stop.

Buy the VIV Collection Leggings on Amazon for $ 13.99

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