Sunday , April 11 2021

Scientists talk about the shift in the moon and its implications

Ученые рассказали о смещении Луны и его последствияхNot all experts recognize the existence of this phenomenon.

Because of the shift that occurred last month due to a collision with an asteroid, and now there have been several disasters. The future of humanity is questionable.

Natural satellites are known to have a large impact on the flow of physical processes on Earth. The distance of the moon will be the collapse of our planet: the oceans gradually move to the poles, so many countries will be flooded.

Without the moon the Earth will take the position of Uranium ("lying" side), which will be replaced at night every six months. There will also be a sharp change in the equator temperature which is really burning, and North and South will be cooler. In such conditions people will not be able to survive, the era of humans will end.

It should be noted that officially, scientists have not recognized the deviation of the moon. All statements are just the beginning.

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