Scientists have discovered that someone blocked a signal from space


Ученые выяснили, что кто-то блокирует сигналы из космосаAfter the experiment it became clear that the room had no radio signal in the low frequency range.

Quick radiospace (FRB) is a signal that comes from an unknown source in space. They were first recorded in 2007. Since then, several dozen outbreaks have been documented.

It is believed that FRB is a consequence of the event by releasing large amounts of energy. They only last a few milliseconds and to identify their original source is difficult.

A team of scientists from the Australian University of Paintings, led by Marcin Sokolowski found that FRB was not observed at low frequencies. The researchers sent the same sky plot of two telescopes: Australia's CSIRO MWA and SKA Pathfinder. The latter is used to detect dozens of signals from outer space, written in the journal Nature. But at that time, like ASKAP had found a new FRB, the other telescopes didn't pay attention to anything.

"When ASPAP sees these very bright events, and MWA – no, it tells us that something is really unexpected. Or fast radiospace is not broadcast at low frequencies, or blocking signals on the way to the Ground, "Sokolowski said.

Scientists are able to track one dwarf FRB galaxy three billion light years from Earth. The signal is repeated which is very unusual. All other FRBs are one-time events and track their work.


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