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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 release dates, prices, news and leaks

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 10 handset on August 7, we hope the company will also release a new tablet as the successor to the Galaxy Tab S4. This is expected to be called the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

Why isn't the Galaxy Tab S5, you ask? Samsung has released the Galaxy Tab S5e, a budget version of its tablet line, but all the latest rumors show the company missed the Galaxy S5 for the Galaxy S6 designation.

We usually take pre-release leaks with a little salt, but there are so many voices that say the same thing that makes us think Samsung will skip the S5 Tab and jump straight to S6.

Below we have compiled what we know so far about upcoming Android tablets, and what we want to see when officially launched.

Cut to chase

  • What is that? Samsung's latest high-end tablet
  • When does it come out? Possible early August 2019
  • How much does it cost? More than the S4 $ 650 / £ 599 / AU $ 920 Tab

Price and release date of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

We expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 along with the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Watch Active 2, which are expected to be launched on August 7, 2019.

When can you buy it? We expect them to be available for purchase within a few weeks of the launch event, although sometimes tablets take longer to be available.

However, we haven't heard too much about pricing, and some leaks make us think this device is possible far more premium than other Samsung devices.

Thus we would expect the initial price of the Galaxy Tab S4 from $ 650 / £ 599 (around AU $ 920) to be slightly defeated by the price of the Tab S6. Since the iPad Pro 11 reaches a four-digit number for several variants, we might see Samsung also experiencing price increases.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 news, rumors and leaks

We have never heard that a lot about the Galaxy Tab S6, because we're not 100% sure Samsung will miss the S5, so there are some rumors around the device – but every leak gives a lot of information.

For one, we have heard that slate will have two rear cameras, which is very rare on tablets because the device is not widely used for photography.

We are not sure what the second camera is. This tablet can have an ultra-wide or telephoto lens for each wide-angle or enlarged image. This can even be a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor to accurately assess depth, which proves useful for augmented reality experiences.

(Image credit: Future)

On the back of the slate there should be a groove that allows you to close the Pen easily, without having to balance it on the top of the device with a magnet like the iPad Pro.

It is expected that the S Pen will charge wirelessly when inserted into the groove.

One rumor says that the Galaxy Tab S6 will use the latest Qualcomm premium chipset, Snapdragon 855, which will give it considerable processing power.

There's not much that can be done at the moment, but with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 catching the attention of most people, the Tab S6 is a little overshadowed and may remain like that until it's launched.

What we want to see

We have put together a number of improvements to the Galaxy Tab S4 that we want to see make Samsung for the next generation of tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

(Image credit: Future)

Better processing power

The Galaxy Tab S4 is launched with the Snapdragon 835 chipset, which is not the best processor at the time, and it feels a bit slow to use.

Compared to the iPad Pro range, which features some exceptional processing power, the Tab S range often feels a bit slow.

If Samsung wants to position the whiteboard as an original competitor for the Apple power generation option, it can be done by optimizing it a little more. Hopefully the Tab S6 will allow for that.

Wireless charging or PowerShare

We hope the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 will be launched with a fairly large battery like most tablets. Isn't it better if you can share that power with your other devices?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series introduces Wireless PowerShare which allows you to turn your smartphone into a wireless charger to turn on your headphones, or other smartphones.

If the same thing applies to slate, it will be very useful, because the size of the tablet battery is the thinnest.

(Image credit: Future)

Larger screen?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 has a 10.5-inch screen, which is decent for a tablet but doesn't match the size larger than the iPad Pro range. Having a large screen is great for working, because you can see a lot of information at once, plus it's great to watch videos because it helps better recreate the cinema experience in your lap.

If Samsung really wants to push into the tablet market 'premium', then, it can be done by stretching the screen a little, or at least offering a variety of size options.

We expect the company to do this for the S5 Tab range, by offering the S5e Tab as a separate device, but from its appearance it is only a glance.

Maybe we can even see the Tab S6 coming in various sizes, such as the Galaxy S10 phone with a range of S10e, S10 and S10 Plus.

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