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PSG 2-1 Liverpool: "They make us look like butchers!" – Jurgen Klopp denounced the referee & # 39; not ready & # 39;

The Reds took six yellow cards during their defeat at the Parc des Princes, with their manager unhappy with officer standards

Jurgen Klopp lashed out at referee Szymon Marciniak after Liverpool's Champions League hopes were left hanging following a defeat to Paris St Germain.

The Reds lost 2-1 in the French capital and had to beat Napoli at Anfield – either 1-0 or with two clear goals – in their final Group C match to qualify for the knockout stages.

His team was unable to compete for the contest, but Klopp's main focus of anger in his post-match interview was on the official's performance.

The Pole issued six yellow cards for Liverpool and two for PSG – one of them, because of Marco Veratti's violation of Joe Gomez, the Liverpool boss insisted on being red.

And Germany were more angry by the referee, obviously uncertainty about the punishment from Liverpool who scored through James Milner, with assistant referees influencing the decision.

Klopp ranting Viasport Fotball: "I think we won the fair play competition three times in a row in England and today we [were made to] looks like a butcher!

"We have six, seven, eight yellow cards and we are close to a red card.

"Yes, there are one or two who hold yellow cards, but the others – they cannot be trusted.

"We got a penalty – the referee didn't want to give it but I don't know how that was possible.

"The referee needs to be prepared for a game like this and he looks unprepared.

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"But they scored two and only us [got] one so it's our fault. "

He continued with the same theme at his press conference, adding: "It was red for me, obviously from Veratti. I saw it very well and certainly it wasn't the same color card that we got 500 tonight."

Asked whether officials had been influenced by the obvious acting by PSG star Neymar, Klopp snapped: "This is not for me to talk about Neymar."

And he added to the interviewer: "Ask ref. You can. Try it."

Despite his anger, Klopp said his team remained confident of reaching the knockout stages ahead of the do or die test against Napoli.

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"Napoli are extraordinarily strong and we have to win with two goals which is not an easy job but we will have Anfield behind and we still believe," he said.

"We are disappointed, surely but we must know."

Liverpool returned to action on Sunday when they hosted Everton on Merseyside Derby first season.

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