Monday , July 26 2021

Popular drugs slow the development of this deadly disease

Популярное лекарство замедляет развитие страшного заболеванияAspirin can reduce the pathology of amyloid plaques.

Aspirin can relieve symptoms of Alzheimer's disease – a fast progressive disease for very expensive and difficult treatments. To such a conclusion came neurologists from the University medical center in a hurry in the United States.

According to scientists, regular aspirin intake in some cases can initiate mechanisms for repairing cell structures that are responsible for removing "waste" from the brain.

Animal tests show that aspirin is able to relieve the pathology of amyloid plaques in mice and to stimulate the lysosome component of animal cells which helps to expel from the body of cellular debris.

In laboratory tests, scientists have found that popular and inexpensive drugs can relieve pain and beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.

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