OnePlus is the type of user for closed beta testing of the new OnePlus 6T features


Most people think of running different branches of their software updates. All devices that come out of the company 's stable version of HydrogenOS or OxygenOS. They also have a branch that we talk about quite often here, it gives us an idea of ​​what will come in future stable OTA updates. This is known as the Open Beta program, but there's also a 3rd branch as well. This is referred to as "closed beta" and only limited numbers of people get invited to test it out. Earlier this week, the company has announced that they are looking for people to test these closed beta updates for the OnePlus 6T.

Normally, it's only insiders and people who are close to the staff at OnePlus who get to test the closed beta builds of OnePlus devices. Trust is a difficult thing and we've already seen leaks when it came to a closed beta build of HydrogenOS for the OnePlus 5T. Having more people accessing these early builds can be as good as the reputation itself as this is something we have seen with the Essential Phone Camera since it was very early stage of development when it was released .

OnePlus 6T XDA Forum

However, OnePlus is a closed beta branch of OxygenOS for the OnePlus 6T. We're told this group will need to be able to keep things secret as they will be testing software updates with features "weeks or even months before they are released to the public." Due to this requirements, selected members will be required to sign an official NDA before they can become part of this closed beta program. It should also be noted that being part of this program means you will need to be quite often with some flashes requiring it to be a clean install. So if your OnePlus 6T is used as a daily driver and you can't handle the effort required for the program then it is likely not for you.

Beyond that, the rules of this closed beta program are as follows:

  • Use a OnePlus 6T
  • Be an active member of the OnePlus Community
  • Be willing to communicate and provide feedback to the OnePlus team on Slack

Those who are interested in participating in the request request form here for your fingers that you will be one of the lucky 100 members who are selected.

Source: OnePlus

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