NASA takes a page from the 49ers guidebook to celebrate the landing on Mars


The touchdown celebration dates back to 1965, when New York Giants recipient Homer Jones caught an 89-yard touchdown in the first game of the game and interspersed with deeds by spiking soccer in the final zone.

That is in accordance with the story of the 2009 Bleach Report, and I think we must obey it.

Since then, a two-step TD has become one of the main examples of cultural and artistic expression in the world.

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And, on Monday, out of this world – thanks to ebullience choreographers dreamed of by San Francisco 49ers recipients Marquise Goodwin and Kendrick Bourne.

On Monday, Mars InSight Lander made a safe transition (got it?) On the red planet after a six-month trip, 300 million miles, $ 828 million. The last seven minutes of flight were the most terrible for NASA's brain monitoring the landing of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. Because of the time interval to get transmissions from Earth to Mars, they can only sit in their hands and hope.

"We can't get a landing joystick, so we have to depend on the orders we pre-program into the spacecraft," Rob Grover, EDL leader (entry, lineage and landing) from InSight explained in a recent statement.

We will avoid you from tension: Lander stops the landing, inspires some of the best and brightest NASA engineers to match the tumultuous upheaval dreamed of by Goodwin and Bourne. Peek:

This is the real hand jelly. Compare and distinguish from your heart's content:

P.S: It's not only NASA that celebrates the landing on Mars.


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