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Mugsters is an Action-Packed Abstract Puzzler

I accidentally entered Mugster without the knowledge of the plot. When I play footage of the game on E3, my attention is focused on the minimalist and colorful art style and the typical game. In my convention session and the full version here at home, I never knew the reason for my actions to read Steam's description. This is proof of the game's design, then, I'm fixated on just the game element.

I assume, like most titles, that the game will provide context. That does not. What I learned after playing is that aliens have taken over the world. Now, it's up to you to save it. Each level is an island with the main goal of freeing trapped humans and escaping by plane. The island also has side missions, such as turning off satellites or collecting alien crystals.

  mugsters car image 1

A ton of time is spent in different cars.

From an isometric point of view, you will drive a vehicle, throw explosive barrels, fight two-headed alien monstrosities, and run away from UFOs as you navigate the world. One puzzle makes me sneak around a giant alien ship to find crystals, while others just jump on the platform in the right order to reach the hidden area.

More creative area. The initial level often sees you crashing cars through walls, enemies, and explosives. Frankly, this never gets old. The next level is the same, only sprinkled with ramps to jump, narrow paths to navigate, and dangerous elements such as collapsed bridges.

Be prepared to fail consistently, because death is given. I have run myself more than I can count. If they approach, the aliens kill quickly. There is no checkpoint, and dead means a full restart. This mechanic is frustrating at a longer level, especially when I am trapped in geometry or fall into an area that cannot be prevented. Fortunately for completion, you don't need to do all side missions at once. You can save two of the three survivors, complete the level, and then return for the last one in the next game.

 mugsters ufo image

I'm not sure why, but I stood still as this giant UFO chased me. I hope I move.

The camera is an asset that is as large as your enemy. While wide views allow you to see obstacles, solutions often hide behind land and other objects. At the previous level, it's easy to rotate the camera and explore it, but the next stage that is faster doesn't give you enough time to look around. In general, it is difficult to make precise camera movements while giant UFOs shoot after your minivan is speeding up.

Mugster scary. There is no score behind your actions – advancing the feeling of isolation inherent after an alien invasion. But, in the same vein as Gate games, lack of music also helps a person focus clearly on the puzzle instead of serving as a distraction. Silence also emphasizes sound effects. I have jumped more than once on foreign ships that glide from the ground.

What is less fun is the slippery and rocky controls. I suggest not using a keyboard and mouse. Most actions require accurate movements, such as using a car roof as a bench stepping to a higher place. A controller softens the blow, but my character still moves in a way I don't want. It's hard to say if improper control is intentional. But, when the movement contributes to various premature deaths, it takes away from pleasure.

 level of golfers choose

Select section level. Typical, right?

Also, while death is a bit of a nuisance in the initial game, it often occurs during longer levels. Because there is no checkpoint system, I have lost a little progress many times. I am usually not angry at the game, but have to restart because my cheap character with cheap through the wall is a boiling experience.

However, despite a high rate of return, a special feeling of success arises from finally getting out of the level with all objectives completed. Maybe from pulling through after so much loss or through experiencing the multi-mechanical mesh game that comes together that produces this happiness. Apart from that, victory was high which kept me going past the level.

Nothing really like hitting a semi-literal truck through a stone wall, surrendering at the last moment when it hit a group of enemies, and fled to a plane with several survivors behind it. Each victory validates all deaths that have come before, no matter how invalid they are.

 art piece mugsters

Say that you will not hang this on the wall in your colorful and postmodernist home.

Equally interesting is MugsterCerah A bright and colorful art style that helps make it stand out from other indie titles. Colors are very contrasting with each other, with dangerous items highlighted in bright red while useful items may be blue or green. When standing still, part Mugster resembles actual artwork. Each shade contrasts with the others, creating the perfect palette to destroy destruction.

Mugster not for those who give up easily. Sometimes intentional and sometimes because of a bug, the game will kill you more than no. However, those who survive through loss will find unique and useful experiences that are not like any game I have played for a long time.

TechRaptor is closed Mugster on PC via Steam with the code provided by the publisher.

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