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MediFund provided assistance worth S $ 150 million to patients in need in FY 2017

SINGAPORE: Singaporeans who need to receive nearly $ 150 million in aid from the last financial year Medical Endowment Fund (MediFund), the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Thursday (November 29).

MediFund provides a total of S $ 149.8 million for around 1.18 million applications for assistance with medical bills in FY 2017, namely from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018.

The fund helps Singapore patients who cannot afford to pay their medical bills, after government subsidies, MediShield Life and MediSave.

"The MediFund ensures that no Singaporeans will be refused proper medical care because of the inability to pay," the Health Department said.

The amount disbursed last year was slightly higher than the S $ 143.9 million given the previous year. The number of MediFund applications approved also grew 3.8 percent, from around 1.14 million in FY 2016.

On average, the amount of MediFund assistance provided is S $ 953 per inpatient care and S $ 85 per outpatient treatment, said MOH.

More financial assistance was given to those who needed long-term care, from S $ 25.1 million in FY 2016 to S $ 29.8 million last year.

"This increase is due to an increase in the number of facilities and attendance, arising from the Ministry of Health's efforts to provide patients with greater access to community care," the ministry said.

In FY2017, S $ 500 million was injected into MediFund, bringing the total capital to S $ 4.5 billion.

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