Saturday , July 24 2021

Lionel Messi answered whether he could do it on a cold night at Stoke & # 39;

Since the competition between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi began, many questions have been raised from fans of the Portuguese star whether Lionel Messi can do it on a cold night at Stoke. The Argentine maestro finally responded, and how!

Messi has played his entire senior career for Barcelona and there is little or no chance he will move to a country other than Argentina later in his career. However, there have been various attempts by clubs around the world to tie it up.

Recently, it was revealed that Pep Guardiola had tried to sign an Argentine international for Manchester City but the deal did not materialize. If that step has been passed, it will satisfy some football fans who dream of watching Messi play in the English Premier League, week after week.

Spanish soccer journalist Guillem Balague recently revealed that he had questioned Messi about the possibility of playing in the Premier League and his feelings behind the idea that there were many doubts that he could do it on a cold night at Stoke. The tiny forward responded by referring to the days when he played around Rosario, Argentina during his childhood.

"I asked Messi about people in the UK who say: You won't do well on a cold, wet night on Stoke. & # 39;

"He said: & # 39; They should have seen the field I played in Rosario. & # 39;"

Ballon winner Or five completed 15 years at Barcelona recently. He made his debut in a friendly match against Porto Mourinho Porto at the Camp Nou in 2003 and then built himself as the first team star in the following season.

Messi has won 33 surprising trophies during his time with the Catalan club and is set to win even more.

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