Friday , January 15 2021

Lesya Nikityuk danced on the pole during the filmmaking performance

Леся Никитюк станцевала на пилоне на съемках шоу

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter and participants Dancing with the stars 2018 Lesya Nikityuk shows unexpected talent. On the set of the show "Hto zverhu?", The female team captain was teasing.

But because it was a "role exchange" round, the participants had to dance to male striptease. Three conditions are mandatory: to scroll to the pole, to win the tie and take off the pants in one motion.

Be the first to conquer the dance floor and decide to nod. In the process of leading the dance deftly tore off his clothes and pants, leaving in a sexy black bodysuit with bright red lace.

"Queen!", "Les!", "Fire !!!", – supports the remaining Lesya, accompanying the spectacle with applause.

"Vzagali something sdavalsa to scho Striptease gets zavodite, and not vice versa!" – decided on the performance of the strip-leading potrollit from his colleague Sergey Prytula.

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