Leading opposition leader repeated claims that he had seen UFOs


The leading opposition politician, Goh Meng Seng, repeated the claims he made several years ago that he had seen UFOs. Writing on Facebook yesterday, the secretary general of the People's Power Party wrote:

"In 2000, I had seen an object disguised as a shining cloud and floating at a very slow speed. Before I could take my camera to take that picture, it was only enlarged in extreme speed … astronomical speed, zipping through the night sky.

"Such speed technology is unknown to human civilization and that is why I believe there are more advanced civilizations in a place that is alien to Earth."

Previously, in 2011, Goh explained why he was a "UFO / alien believer." Describing UFOs which he claimed had witnessed, opposition politicians added that he believed there were two types of UFOs – one type operated by native aliens, according to Goh, while the other type was "man-made, by several countries such as America or Russia":

"Okay, I will tell you why I am a UFO / believer.

"I have witnessed what I believe to be a UFO, an alien object in 1999 because there was no human technology that could explain or do what the object did. I have written about it at that time on soc.culture.sg.

"At a glance, it looks like a shining white cloud floating in the air. Oval shape. It floats outside my window. I was watching TV at that time.

"It caught my attention because of its" shining "nature and how it moved, in slow and steady movements that somehow seemed" unnatural "to me. I tried to approach by moving to the window. A minute later, it was only zipped and enlarged from my view in the blink of my eye … I believe no human technology can make objects move at incredible speeds.

"Such images are still deeply embedded in my mind. Too bad I didn't have a video camera at that time to record the whole process. Since then, I have always kept an open mind about UFO sightings. Some reports of UFO sightings around the world coincide with my own viewing experience … such objects are only zip and zoom is not visible in seconds.

"Whether this news about three giant spacecraft is real, I really don't know. The journey from Earth to Pluto or Jupiter by ordinary humans space exploration will take years … decades. If it only takes 2 years to reach Earth, he has traveled 20 times or more than human technology can do.

"Keep an open mind. In my opinion, there are two types of UFOs on Earth. Some are man-made, by some countries like America or Russia. But this is the one that can fly at "normal" speed due to technological limitations. They may be in the form of plates, have the ability to fly around etc. but do not have the technology to travel at the speed of light. Those who can do that are most likely the type of alien. "

Goh made his latest statement when he was linked to an article about how Irish authorities investigated alleged UFO sightings by commercial airline pilots.

The Guardian and BBC have reported that the Irish Aviation Authority was asked to investigate after separating British Airways and Virgin Airlines pilots reporting watching UFOs move past their aircraft.

British Airways commercial pilot wondered about the origin of the object after reporting that he saw an object moving quickly past his plane and was told that nothing appeared on the radar.

Similarly, three pilots who flew Virgin Airlines commercial aircraft claim to have seen "meteors or other objects that make a kind of re-entry" and what appears "some objects follow the same trajectory – very bright from where we are".

Although speculation that the strange sightings involved some sort of foreign activity, a spokesman for the Irish Aviation Authority said that it was unlikely that the incident was caused by extraterrestrial beings. He added that an investigation was underway.


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