Lakers have & # 39; Edge & # 39; To Sign Kevin Durant in 2019 Free Agent


Kevin Durant, LeBron James
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Among the many NBA storylines that will be held so far this season, perhaps the most interesting is the story between the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green team-mates.

While some, including Durant and Green themselves, have tried to ward off the exchange of their words on the bench because it does not have a lasting effect, many believe it could have an impact on Durant in 2019 free agents.

He holds an opt-out clause that is likely to be rejected in order to become a free agent and at that time signed a long term max contract. The Lakers have been among the teams that are tied to Durant for some time now.

Now, after the drama with Green, the Lakers are trusted by a number of people to have a path inside to bring Durant next year, through Stephen J. Smith of ESPN:

"Now, you are the Golden State Warriors, who firmly believe and have repeated it personally on several occasions this year:" We have not lost Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant isn't going anywhere. He was free to do what he wanted, but we were sure he would stay with us. ’I hear differently. I heard the Knicks and the Lakers, with the Lakers having an edge. That's what I heard. Two weeks ago, I heard the Knicks had an edge. Now I hear the Lakers have advantages. Let me tell you something, it seems to be one of the two teams for Kevin Durant's next goal. "

Now while of course this does not guarantee Durant's departure from the Warriors, if he leaves, the initial indication is that his decision will boil down to the New York Knicks, the Lakers, or the signing again with the Warriors.

If Durant chooses the Lakers, it will put them in direct combat. The Lakers get players of the caliber of Durant without having to surrender one of the youngest nuclei at the moment to make them one of the most talented and versatile NBA teams.

So, although nothing is kept secret, it seems that Lakers fans can have hope that one of the NBA's best players can join them one summer after LeBron James signed a four-year contract.


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