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Huawei punch hole smartphone comes in December, maybe Nova 4

We have seen Huawei tempting, early in the week, a smartphone that will come with a punch hole. Chinese companies are directly competing with Samsung, which is also expected to announce a punch hole smartphone in December. This one displays the Infinity O screen from Samsung, and is believed to be the Galaxy A8s. Huawei mobile unconfirmed however, it is believed to be Nova 4, according to recent chat, or at least that's what WinFuture believes.

The cellphone that you see directly above is believed to be the upcoming Nova 4, complete with the hole. There is another picture at the bottom. At first glance, it looks like the punch hole beats the goal, seeing a relatively large bezel. However, after careful inspection, you can see that the cellphone has some kind of protection or hiding the case on it. We hope the bezel is quite small.

Huawei punch hole

The poster that you see at the top of this article has been obtained by people at GSMArena. Although not as the picture above shows, it clearly shows the hole we can expect on the screen. We will look through the hole and get "One Step Further" when we "See the Future in December"; this is the tag line that Huawei uses to build anticipation around cellphones.

We will get you posted, of course, as soon as we hear more. Until then, tell us what you think, and put in place comments about who you think will be the first to announce punch hole phones: Samsung or Huawei?

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