How does it feel to play for Jose Mourinho – and why do people get bored & # 39; with him


Former defender Glen Johnson has revealed how it feels to work under former Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho, suggesting that it is easy to quarrel with when players are not in the squad.

The England international with a capacity of 54 caps worked with the Portuguese boss during their time at Chelsea, Mourinho's first spell in west London, and Johnson praised the initial improvement shown by his appointment.

However, the full-back, who announced his resignation today, did not keep the fact that players outside the framework found it easy to quarrel with bosses and that people might have gotten bored with his antics when he was at United.

"Once he walked through the door it was fantastic. The way they get a club with a nape and really changes the way it is organized. "The training was fantastic, he was great with all the players," he told TalkSport about Mourinho's arrival at Chelsea.

"This is one of those moments where if you are not on the team, they will be the people at odds with Mourinho. For the main army he will be a gem to work with him.

"He has a way with big players and media people, everyone likes him.

"When it was all new and fresh at the time – now they were getting bored.

"When he does something rather unlike himself, it gives everyone the chance to jump on him."

Johnson acknowledged that he was surprised by the change in Mourinho's approach during the final stages of his life at Old Trafford, where he often shifted focus to his achievements rather than directly addressing his criticism.

"It's a bit strange and almost not like him. You don't really want to hear it, we know what he is doing. For whatever reason, something just doesn't click and I don't think he is as happy as he should be. "


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