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Foldable augmented reality glasses for Samsung? – Independent News

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Augmented reality glasses can be developed in the future by Samsung based on the latest patent application found by Apple blatantly.

Documents submitted to the US Patent & Trademark Office show a foldable device that looks more like a pair of glasses, with a thicker frame to accommodate electronic components compared to Samsung Gear VR.

Even though the final product might end differently, the current design is an eyepiece that is automatically activated every time it is opened.

The eyeglass projector (mounted on the temple) will emit an image on a small screen placed above the wearer's field of view as long as one of the couple's temples is opened.

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Samsung thinks of using a magnetic sensor to make sure it stays in the open position until the user accidentally folds it.

The technology giant did not specify what components to use because it was only a patent application that might never succeed.

It does provide an ARM-based processor as an example of the type that might be used if the company had decided to continue developing the device.

In 2013, Google created Google Glass which has a smartphone function in a technology format that can be worn.

Users communicate to the Internet using voice commands.

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