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Agent Ma Dong Seok Releases Official Statement Regarding Fraud Against His Father's Charges

TCOent has given an official statement regarding allegations of fraud against Ma Dong Seok's father.

On November 29, SBS FunE reported that Ma Dong Seok's (85) father had siphoned off a pension fund of 500 million won (around $ 445,000) from the alleged victim (83). According to the report, the victim had become a colleague from his father's high school days.

The report stated that the victim reunited with Ma Dong Seok's father in 2010 and considered him a friend. His father allegedly told the victim, "Don't trust your relatives in your old age. When you leave this earth, I will arrange everything, "and immediately receive the entire life savings of the victim.

After losing all of his savings to Ma Dong Seok's father in just a year, the victim suffered a stroke and has been hospitalized since. The victims' nephews learned about this many years later and sued Ma Dong Seok's father in June 2016. Although the receipt and many other relevant materials were lost, nearly 300 million (around $ 267,000) from 500 million won (about $ 445,000) were taken by his father recognized as fraud. Ma Dong Seok's father was later sentenced to two years and six months in prison. However, after considering his father's age, the court decided to give a four-year probationary sentence.

When asked why they made this report, relatives of the victims stated that because Ma Dong Seok's father had never apologized once after this ordeal. They stated, "We heard that 200 million won (about $ 178,000) was late in the trial, but what's the use of that for our aunt. What we want is a sincere apology for our aunt, and for her father to live while reflecting. "

One hour after the initial report, TCOent released an official statement. Read the full statement below:

"Hello, this is TCOent.

"We released an official statement about the problems today about actor Ma Dong Seok.

"First, we want to apologize for worrying about many people because of this unfortunate event.

"In 2010, Ma Dong Seok's father planned to return the money he received for business investment, but because there was an dishonest part in the amount of money, [two parties] proceed to bring the case to court. We have confirmed with Ma Dong Seok's father and lawyer, along with the sentencing decision, that Ma Dong Seok's father has completed repayment of the money owed.

"Regardless of the reason, actor Ma Dong Seok bowed his head apologizing to everyone again for causing difficulties through this trial.

"If another problem arises, Ma Dong Seok will take full legal and moral responsibility as a son [resolving the issue] with the victims. The agency will also do its best to resolve this problem peacefully. "

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