Tuesday , July 27 2021

5 Golden rules for heart health

Топ-5 «золотых» правил для здоровья сердцаSome healthy habits.

To maintain a healthy heart activity needs to follow the five plants a little, but it is very effective, said cardiologists.

Healthy habits "Golden Five" for a strong heart choose Swedish scientists. This list is published in the pages of the journal "Archives of Internal Medicine".

So, what do you need to do regularly to maintain a healthy heart for a long time? List of recommendations from Swedish experts as follows:

Eat more food that is not subject to heat treatment or interest him to a minimum: vegetables, vegetables, fruits, legumes, boiled fish, etc.

Not able to drink. Available scientific data shows that on average people under the age of 40 who consume up to 350 grams of pure alcohol per week, life expectancy is shortened by 1-2 years

Follow waist size. Waist size should not exceed hip size, experts say.

Practice aerobic activity. Scientists claim that every day you need to walk or ride a bicycle for at least 40 minutes.

No smoking. Smokers not only suffer from myocardial cells, but brain cells, which begin to be attacked by white blood cells.

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