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"Whoever greets us with bandits like in Podgorica, we will return it five times"

Red Star President SM Neboja spoke poignantly to the media about competition with Budunost and Partizan.

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photo: STARSPORT / Pedja Milosavljevic

photo: STARSPORT / Pedja Milosavljevic

It is known that there was a big incident during the ABA League final last season in matches in Podgorica and Belgrade.

this has a very good attitude in this matter.

"Every time, we will be worse if we are greeted with such bandits in the third game in Podgorica. People who are not good domains for us will return it five times", this word.

He also said that the relationship between the Red Star and Partizan must be at a much higher level.

"The relationship between Star and Partizan needs to be done on a better buffalo. You have almost no example on our part that refutes these words of appreciation. Did you see a banner about family? Do you see it singing, like singing to my family? But we must be equal. We can hardly play matches in such conditions. I am open to collaboration", the first humans in red and white are deciduous.

He also touched on the situation in the Serbian KS.

"At KSS we have almost no stars, only Rakoevia and we are not satisfied with the work. Their term of office ends in January 2019. We claim that forgery has been adopted. But we don't want to talk because of the national team. We have no problem, cooperation with Partizan must be good"concluded this.

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