We will play better than in Podgorica, with Kolarov and Matic we are stronger


Tadic: We will play better than in Podgorica, with Kolarov and Matic we are stronger

Nothing unexpected happened for now. We won the matches we had (Lithuania and Montenegro left), we did not lose them from the biggest competitors for first place (2: 2 with Romania in Belgrade and 0: 0 in Bucharest), and if Saturday at 3.00 at the stadium "Rajko Mitić" we managed to choose Ljubiša Tumbaković, we will definitely throw it out of the race for first place in Group 4 C League Nations table group.

That is why mobility in our team is visible.
"In a short time we played a new game with Montenegro. In Podgorica we show that we are better, but I must emphasize that guests have good players and they are not to underestimate. Basically, I believe that we are better at showing it on the field ", that's an optimist Dusan Tadić.

The fastest Ajax midfielder, just like in the Mundial qualification, has been on the path of the League of Nations at the moment, Aleksandar Mitrovic, a Serbian locomotive, and it's interesting that they both haven't determined who will take the penalty shooter if it is given to our advantage, because Tadić miss in Vilnius and Bucharest, and Fulama spells right in Podgorica.
"We didn't do it. The most important thing was to score. I missed two penalties, I was wrong because this, it shouldn't have happened, now Mitrovic can also kick. It's just important to score goals."

In the previous two matches, the creative midfielder wore the captain's ribbon in his absence Aleksandra Kolarova i Nemanje MatićaHowever, now the hierarchy has returned to the old one.
"They both mean a lot to the team in any sense. We are much stronger with them"He watched Tadić, convinced that the audience at the Red Star stadium will be able to see quality football. "I think we will play better, because now there will be much better land than in Podgorica. I don't know how the atmosphere is, I hope they will get support from the stands, and it's up to us to make fans happy with the game and good results. "



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